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As a marketer, you may be successful in reaching your consumers, but are they listening to you—and not other brands that compete for their attention? Getting consumers to listen to you requires that you listen to them first.


The key is to understand their preferences & behaviors and then use this insight to engage with them in a truly personalized way.

Be Meaningful

However, achieving this level of personalization has been a challenge since there haven’t been any products that have truly listened to consumer interactions and made meaning of them...until now.

Kahuna uniquely personalizes messages for both content and context

Personalization done right requires both relevant content and context. This is possible with Kahuna’s marketing automation platform which builds individual consumer profiles based on past data and infuses it with the power of artificial intelligence. The result? Messages are automatically sent to individuals on the channel and device they prefer and at the time they’re most likely to view and engage with them, leading to maximized business impact for you.


  • Kahuna learns from past data that Eduardo opens and responds to emails on his desktop computer every Friday afternoon
  • The platform sends an email to Eduardo at 3pm on Friday to encourage him to place an order for a dozen roses from his favorite flower vendor for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner
  • Eduardo is actively working through his inbox, sees the email, and places an order before it’s too late (feeling relieved!)


  • Kahuna learns from past data that Grace typically surfs around her phone and responds to messages at 10am on weekdays
  • The platform sends a push notification through the brand’s mobile app at 10am on Tuesday to remind Grace of a purse she had recently browsed and offers a discount
  • Grace is on her phone, sees the push notification immediately, and jumps on the offer


  • Kahuna learns from past data that busy working dad Justin sometimes downloads coupons that his favorite grocery store emails him and then redeems them on Monday evenings
  • The platform conveniently emails coupons for frequently purchased items to him and he is notified via his smart watch at 5pm on Monday, just as he’s leaving the office
  • Justin gets pinged with the coupons before he gets in his car and is reminded to go grocery shopping before heading home
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Kahuna customers are achieving measurable marketing results

50% increase

in items listed and bids

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43% increase

in user engagement

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42% increase

in goal conversions

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