Kahuna is on a mission to take the guesswork out of marketing.

Let us explain…

Our mission is straightforward: to replace manual guesswork with automated decision-making, helping marketers send fewer messages but with incredible accuracy and as a result, thoroughly delight their consumers during every interaction.

Kahuna is the only marketing automation platform designed from the ground up to truly understand the consumer and how they wish to engage with the brands they love.

Today’s consumer doesn’t want noisy, irrelevant messages that get lost in the shuffle. Whether they realize it or not, they have wildly more sophisticated expectations of how well a brand should understand them. They want messages that spark their curiosity and tap into their individual preferences and desires. But even as consumers have come to expect such personalized interactions, traditional marketing technology has failed to evolve to meet their needs.

When our team at Kahuna began to figure out how to solve this problem, we realized that we needed to take a different approach. We started by putting the individual user at the center of the consumer experience—not devices, not sessions, not webviews, not lists, not segments. This is the core design ethos of the Kahuna platform.

With Kahuna, marketers gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s preferences and behaviors and can use this insight to send them highly personalized messages—messages that not only contain relevant content, but also that are sent only at the right time and on the right channel and device so that the consumer is most likely to see it and engage with it, leading to maximized business results. See how our customers are driving incredible value from the Kahuna platform here.

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