Marketplaces are flourishing globally, yet they lack customized buyer/seller technology to generate meaningful engagement and facilitate transactions. Until now.

Kahuna is the first-ever SaaS for Marketplaces platform. By processing billions of real-time consumer behaviors, Kahuna is able to engage buyers & sellers at the individual level, helping to improve growth, boost retention, and increase marketplace liquidity.

Our 3-pronged approach for helping marketplace operators encompasses seller optimization, buyer marketing and market vibrancy.

  • Seller Optimization: At Kahuna, we understand that sellers are the lifeblood of your marketplace platform. Without high-quality sellers on the platform, buyers won’t come back a second time. Kahuna’s product recommendation engine helps sellers feature items that buyers are actively searching for, helping to match sellers with right-fit buyers and increase conversion as a result.
  • Buyer Marketing: We know that a marketplace is stronger the more loyal, active buyers it has. That’s why it’s our goal to ensure that a marketplace isn’t seen as a “one ‘n done” platform, but instead, becomes the go-to destination for its product/service category. By using our messaging optimizations, it’s possible to spark buyer interest and boost engagement while leading to higher purchase frequency and retention.
  • Market Vibrancy: With the right amount of attention and care, marketplaces flourish. Kahuna’s marketplace onboarding solutions help to maximize customer lifetime value, while also improving the stickiness of your marketplace. Considering that marketplaces are complex ecosystems, Kahuna is built to integrate with your existing data sets and current marketing automation investments to make it easier to engage with your buyers and sellers.

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