Our Story

Kahuna is a mobile marketing automation company dedicated to fostering customer delight and driving mobile engagement and revenue. This is our story.

kahuna team

Kahuna started in 2012 with the goal of empowering brands to understand, engage, and optimize customers for the Mobile Era. Kahuna has grown from two people discussing an idea in a coffee shop to an industry leader with a world-class executive team; multiple offices; and hundreds of customers, including Yelp, The Weather Channel, and Overstock.com.

Back in 2012, Adam Marchick, a former venture capitalist at Bain Capital Ventures, and Jacob Taylor, the technical founder of SugarCRM and Adaptive Intelligence, kept seeing a problem: mobile was accounting for an increasing amount of traffic, but communications tools were stuck in the past. These systems assumed that every mobile customer had just one device and that email was the best way to identify and communicate with these users.

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After a fateful meeting at Starbucks, Adam and Jacob decided to tackle the challenge of building the modern communications platform needed for the Mobile Era—one requiring a person-centric data layer with the ability to deliver the most relevant message to the right person, on the right device, through the most optimal medium. With the first line of code written in March 2012, Kahuna officially launched later that year and has since helped some of the best apps in the world deliver billions of targeted and personalized messages to boost engagement, retention, and revenue.

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