Vision & Values

The following tenets are what truly matter to us as a company and are the underpinnings of the Kahuna family.

The Kahuna Way

Kahuna is a team that wins together. We play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back. We treasure one another and our customers. Each with our own unique voice, we have impact and strive to perform at our best daily. We are humble and transparent, yet we are ambitious, seeking opportunities for growth. Each week is our best week ever. This is the Kahuna Way.


We Understand

Understanding and trusting one another, we operate at the top of our game to achieve the goals we set together. By being humble, authentic, and collaborative, we strengthen and celebrate the relationships that are most important to us.


We Engage

Biased towards action, we live to engage and delight. We strive to perform at our best daily. Diversity of opinion shapes our company, culture, and future success – so we voice ours with confidence yet rally behind decisions once they are made.

We Optimize

The Kahuna experience is a dynamic one, so we seize opportunities to stretch ourselves. We are intellectually honest, acknowledging when change is needed and optimizing accordingly.

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