11-Step Checklist For Flawless Push

By: Kahuna | October 24, 2014 | Mobile Marketing, Push Notifications

Here is a comprehensive checklist for flawless push. Review these questions before you launch to prevent a “push gone wrong”  scenario from happening to you.


11 Steps to Success:


1. Avoid “push overkill.” Will the user only receive one push notification within a 24 hour period?


2. Message delivery timing. Have I selected a push send time that is the best for each of my individual users?


3. Prioritize push notifications. Is this the most important notification to be sending to my user? Could they qualify for a campaign that better reflects their recent actions?


4. Message the person. Have I enabled this campaign to message the person not the device? Remember, mis-personalization and duplicate messaging takes place when you aren’t tracking across devices.


5. Personalize your push. Have I created a notification that is unique to the user receiving the push? Is there a way I can personalize this push notification even more?


6. Correspond to the users engagement level. Does this campaign target the user at the correct point in the user life-cycle?


7. Create effective testing. Am I comparing the results of the message against a control group? Am I testing more than one message copy?


8. Send push with a purpose. Will this push notification drive a desirable user action? Remember, your objective is to identify your end goal first, then construct and send a push that will result in the desired action.


9. Double check for “sloppy push.” Have I double checked my campaigns to guarantee there is no exposed coding or accidental errors?


10. Prepare for the worst. Will I be able to effectively track the number of app uninstalls and push opt outs resulting from the message? What is my plan to adjust my messaging in real time before it’s too late?


11. Enable dynamic deeplinking. Am I optimizing the user’s experience after the notification is sent? Tip, make it easy for users to take key actions through dynamic deeplinks.*


*Definition of dynamic deeplinks: Utilizing a hyperlink to direct a user to a specific portion of your app (ie. shopping cart, last item viewed) based on the individual user’s past actions. This differs from a static deeplink which will direct all users in a campaign to the same specific page in the app (ie. the homepage).


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