3 Steps to Achieving a Healthy Digital Marketplace – A Webinar

By: Jeff Nolan | November 27, 2018 | Marketplaces, Webinar

One of the marketing challenges we deal with on a regular basis is the search term “marketplace” correlates very strongly to healthcare and insurance marketplaces. This makes our SEO a real challenge!

Interestingly, biological health is actually a pretty good metaphor for what goes on in a marketplace platform organized around e-commerce, regardless of whether it is a classifieds, real estate portal, or handyman services.

Marketplaces live through a maturity lifecycle that pushes specific objectives to the forefront at each stage of the lifecycle. An early stage marketplace focuses on growth and transaction volume metrics… much like a toddler is tracked for growth indicators. I don’t worry about cholesterol counts with my pre-teen child, but at my, well, advanced age I care a lot about cholesterol. A marketplace platform that has established a defensible competitive position is tracking to key performance indicators that reflect strategic goals of retention and category or region expansion.

If you’re looking to keep the pulse of your marketplace at a steady pace, join myself and Global Marketing Manager at Besedo, Sigrid Zeuthen for a short—but impactful—30 minute webinar on December 12th, where we’ll discuss:

  • The health metrics that are unique to digital marketplaces.
  • How metrics inform strategic and tactical decision making at each stage of the marketplace maturity lifecycle
  • How to combine segmentation, campaigns, and orchestrations based on marketplace health metrics.

For more information about this upcoming webinar, and to reserve your seat, simply click the button below.
Kahuna Besedo Marketplace Health Webinar

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Author: Jeff Nolan

Jeff Nolan is a proven Bay Area based marketing executive with a track record of transforming marketing teams and strategy in enterprise software growth companies. Jeff leads the marketing team at Kahuna, which includes the four corners of successful marketing teams: content, product marketing, demand, and brand.

With extensive experience in security technology and CRM companies, and a founding partner at SAP Ventures, the venture capital affiliate of SAP AG, Jeff is well-equipped to manage the complex tactical and strategic marketing challenges facing companies today.

Fun fact:

Bay Area native, Jeff lives with his family on the mid-Peninsula where he has transformed his home into an urban farm featuring gardens, orchards, chickens, and a thriving beekeeping operation.

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