4 Easy Ways To Maximize Your User Acquisition Strategy

By: Kahuna | September 22, 2014 | Growth Marketing

Paying for app installs? Hoping to acquire new users by increasing your ad network budget? Mobile users are hard to get and easy to lose. Here are four tips to make the most of your user acquisition efforts before it’s too late.

1.  Mobile apps should have organic user retention rates between 7-14 days before seriously pursuing paid acquisition. Understand what makes your app addictive from a product perspective. Tools like Google Analytics will help you understand where people are losing interest and where to focus your product development and design efforts. Optimizely’s mobile A/B testing tool allows you to quickly iterate and optimize your app before you invest in a ton of paid installs.

2.  Make sure you have a product analytics tool in place to evaluate what types of users respond well to your app. Understanding your target demographic allows you to focus your acquisition efforts on these specific cohorts. Tools like KISSmetrics, a product analytics tool, can simplify the process of connecting your product data to real people.

3.  Track the source of your installs, and optimize for high value users. A comprehensive, healthy user acquisition spend will likely involve multiple platforms and experiments – Facebook, AdMob and Chartboost to name a few. The goal is to minimize spend on those with lowest ROI, which makes attribution tracking a must. Don’t be shy of a higher cost per install (CPI) if the result is significantly higher value users – and significantly more revenue for your app down the line. Tools like TapStream, a free attribution company, can help optimize this process.

4.  Turn every app install into an engaged, high value user with a retention plan from Day 1. While the industry often siloed acquisition and retention, Kahuna data reveals that up to 90% of paid installs do not become high-value users without an engagement marketing strategy. Spending on user acquisition marketing without an engagement marketing strategy in place is like pouring money down the drain. Unless you have a paid app, not a single cent of revenue is generated simply because of an additional app download. If the efforts stop here, you are left with a very blurry picture of your success at the very beginning of the user journey. Email, push notifications, and other app marketing communications are essential tools. Engagement marketing platforms like Kahuna enable you to optimize your user acquisition budget and significantly reduce user churn after the initial download.


App retention with engagement marketing

As this data from Kahuna shows, engagement marketing dramatically increases user retention among newly acquired app installs. Interested in learning more about user acquisition and engagement? Measure the health of your mobile app here.

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