4 Last-Minute Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mobile Marketing Tips

By: Katrina Cho | November 24, 2015 | Campaign Strategy, Mobile Marketing
4 Last-Minute Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mobile Marketing Tips

Don’t panic. Maybe you haven’t defined your mobile strategy for the big holiday shopping season yet. We won’t tell anyone. But it’s vital you put a plan in place, fast.

People are going to be shopping like crazy over the next few weeks, as a Forrester report predicts U.S. online holiday sales will exceed $95 billion in 2015. Last year, mobile sales accounted for nearly 30% of total Black Friday online sales last year. No mobile strategy means a big miss on big money.

Key holiday dates continue to grow, and retailers need to take an innovative approach to stand out from the crowd.  Here are a few mobile marketing tips to make sure you crush Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Bolster Your Abandoned Cart Campaigns

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to get the most out of your mobile abandoned cart campaigns. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to create new ones, as you can tweak the copy of existing campaigns.

If you’re doing a store-wide sale for 20%, and there are items in people’s carts, you must take advantage of it. These are people who have already shown purchasing intent by adding to their carts. A gentle nudge via push or in-app message may be enough to get them over the line. Promoting items and sales early will alleviate you from having to support last-minute shipments.

Mobilize Your Best Customers

During the busy holiday shopping season, it’s extremely important to mobilize your best, most engaged customers. Giving them a head’s up that sales are coming and highlighting special offers available will drive shopping sessions—across all channels—and sales.

Consider giving your engaged users an extra discount. That will make them feel extra special and will differentiate your brand from the hundreds of others offering deep discounts and holiday promotions.

Adopt An Omnichannel Communication Approach

The latest Forrester report on holiday shopping states that email is the most effective marketing tool for merchants during this busy season. Data shows that more than half of emails are being opened on mobile, so be sure your messages are properly tailored for smartphones and tablets. We recently published a post that can help: six ways to send better mobile emails.

Additionally, make sure your push notifications and in-app messages augment your emails, instead of just repeating the same information. For instance, the email could announce the overall large sales, while the in-app message and push notification could be tailored to specific items the customer has shown interest in.

Leverage every single channel you have. If your company has retail locations, make sure customers know about in-store pickup. This can be especially convenient for Black Friday, when customers are willing and eager to go to stores anyways.

Personalize Your Content

For most of the year, you’re optimizing to get customers to buy something for themselves. People (myself included) definitely buy things for themselves on Black Friday but the holiday shopping season is also about purchasing gifts for others.

Because of this, a customer’s previous purchasing history may not be as useful as it would be for campaigns any other time of year. Personalizing the content of your messages based on what you know about the customer can still be beneficial, though.

If your customer bought a T-shirt and then left a great review of it, you can use that information in interesting ways. Perhaps a push notification saying “You love that t shirt. Why not get another for your best friend?”

Optimizing for the time customers like to engage, their preferred channel, and their preferred device will make sure the message gets to users.

Make this the best time of year even better by crushing your sales targets. I hope you find these mobile marketing tips useful, and I’d love to hear about your successes this holiday season in the comments.

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