5 AI-Powered Strategies from Real Marketers

By: Aaryn Kobayashi | August 21, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, B2C Marketing, Campaign Strategy, E-Commerce, Marketing Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been in the limelight lately but not with a whole lot of explanation on how to apply them from a practical standpoint for marketers.

We’ve scoured the interwebs and put together a roundup of posts from fellow marketers on how brands are adopting AI into their marketing stack and using them in the real world.

Below are 5 great pieces on actionable use cases for AI that will likely inspire your own AI-powered marketing strategies:


  1. @KarolaKarlson just published a great piece on 8 proven ways marketers can use AI today. Whether you are curious on how to use AI to personalize your messages or identify predictive segments, this article does a great job of actualizing AI-powered marketing applications.

2. @NirajR breaks down several categories of marketing tools that are powered by AI. Niraj shows how content generation needs can be satisfied with quite a few AI-powered solutions, as well as omni-channel experiences, analytics, and visual testing. My favorite quote from this post? — “Using AI does not solve all your problems—using it well does.”


3. @LodgeMich explores how Starbucks, a brand at the forefront of connecting in-store experience with digital mobile, is rolling out AI-powered technology. Staying at the front of the pack with AI will enable Starbucks to continue to deliver unparalleled, relevant consumer experiences.


4. @lefashiontech recently published an in-depth look at emerging technologies in the fashion and retail industry, specifically. From virtual fitting rooms to 3D printed garments, it seems that the retail industry has the most to gain (and lose) from emerging technologies. AI in particular brings a new level of analysis enabling marketers to digest consumer signals from varying digital platforms and channels. This helps marketers glean extremely accurate insights for what trends are working and not working allowing for the delivery of hyper relevant marketing.


5. @AmitChowdhry notes that much of My Beauty’s success can be attributed to starting as an AI-powered company, rather than having to get over the hurdle of adoption. He points out that more online retailers should take cues to embrace AI sooner, rather than later, in order to increase consumer lifetime value (LTV) and stay competitive with larger e-commerce beasts, like Amazon.

Final thoughts

The overarching theme here is that AI is an enabling technology that is and will continue to push the bounds in marketing, regardless of what industry you are in. From a practitioner standpoint, the strategies and campaigns you are running today will quickly degrade in effectiveness as competitors adapt to consumer expectations and deliver more effective marketing through AI-powered systems. If you are finding it difficult to know where to start, assess what your existing marketing stack looks like and identify the areas where your metrics could use improvement (email unsubscribe rates, push opt-ins, consumer engagement, etc). You will find that most, if not all, of these channels can be solved by simply supercharging your existing systems with AI to provide a more tailored, personalized experience that adapts to every single one of your consumers in real-time.

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Author: Aaryn Kobayashi

Aaryn Kobayashi is Growth Marketer at Kahuna. Previously, she was flexing her muscles as a digital marketing consultant to stem the hemorrhaging of funds while she traveled across Europe and Asia. Aaryn moved to the Bay Area from San Diego where she was a digital marketing account manager by day and wannabe coder by night. Her interests beyond marketing include power yoga, running on single-track trails, taking conquering pictures on top of summits, and carving up a freshly powdered mountain. Read more about Aaryn on her website aarynk.com where she details some of her travel adventures and coding projects.

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