8 Push Notification Campaigns Your App Should Be Running, Right Now

By: Kahuna | July 28, 2014 | Campaign Strategy, Product Features, Uncategorized

Successful mobile-focused companies engage with their users at every stage of the mobile lifecycle. A crucial step is tailoring your communication to each user’s current engagement state with your brand. Read on to learn about the best push notification campaigns for each segment of user to grow your mobile business.



1. Registration Incentive / Value Proposition

Use push notifications to inform new-to-mobile users about the benefits of creating an account with or signing in through your app. Getting users to this important onboarding milestone is a crucial factor in increasing their lifetime value.

  • You type: Sign in for first access to exclusive [user city] discounts –  from [1st place viewed] to [last place viewed].
  • Your user sees:

Discount Notification

2. Conversion Campaigns

Encourage new users to make their first purchase by targeting new users who have shown purchase intent (such as adding an item to their shopping cart) but have not yet completed their purchase.

  • You type: There are [tickets left] tickets left for that [deal title]. Reserve your stay at [hotel buy attempt] here.
  • Your user sees:

conversion campaigns



3. Did You Know?

A great deal of Passerby users will come from paid acquisition efforts, which is why notifications that reiterate your app’s unique value proposition are helpful.  Focus on message content that adds value and changes the way these users think of your app.

  • You type: New maps integration for personalized [preferred navigation type] tours across [location].
  • Your user sees:

Passerby notification

4. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Passersby users still need to uncover why your app should become one of their go-to mobile services.  Creating a sense of urgency is a sure-fire way to drive action in your app.

  • You type: Only [number of days] days left! For 10% off access to [last listen] and your fave [genre] artists, use code: HOV
  • Your user sees:

Fear of Missing Out notification FOMO


5. Affinity Campaigns

Dormant users were active in the past but have since stopped using your app. Send personalized notifications based on previous user behavior and areas of interest.

  • You type: Still looking for a [fav category] or a killer pair of [shoe type] in [size filtered]? New items just in.
  • Your user sees:

Dormant notification

6. New Feature Alert

Let your dormant users know what’s new in your app, and why they should come back and check it out. Make sure you segment based on features that users have and have not interacted with, so dormant users do not receive a notification about a feature they have already tried.

  • You type: Thanks for the feedback, [first name]. Real-time video updates are live.
  • Your user sees:

New feature alert


7. Top 1% Campaigns

Who can forget LinkedIn’s 1% campaign that generated 82,000 social shares and hundreds of thousands of organic app downloads? By identifying, affirming and even congratulating your most active, popular or valuable users, you can prompt viral user acquisition and greater brand loyalty.

  • You type: [First name], you’re [city]’s top reader the month! Share your victory with your friends here.
  • Your user sees:

Top 1 percent campaigns

8. Top User Incentives

Engaged users should be messaged with great care. Send only highly personalized push notifications that reiterate the advantages of your brand. Track the number of uninstalls and push opt-outs that result from every message you send, so you can ensure you are not annoying these high value users.

  • You type: Thanks for being an all star player! Take [credits spent] free credits on the house, and play on.
  • Your user sees:

Top user incentives notifcations


Making sure your app delights your users is a high-stakes game. People are solidifying their preferences for the best apps, and your mobile communications must be strategic and personalized to win their allegiance. Customized push notifications that add real value to your users’ lives are the best way to ensure that your app comes out on top in the exciting future of mobile.

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