A Lot to Be Grateful For At Kahuna

By: Adam Marchick | December 2, 2015 | Press
Kahuna achieves explosive growth

In the early days of Kahuna, we raised eyebrows for signing a four-year lease for a 100-person office in Palo Alto because there were just a few of us at the time. But in just fourteen months we outgrew the space, and a few weeks ago we moved into a 400-person office, at the former DreamWorks space in Redwood City. The reaction from a friend of ours when hearing about it?  “Don’t get too used it—you’ll outgrow it soon.”

The growth, of course, has been thrilling. With Thanksgiving still in the air, the overall mood here was gratitude.

There are three things that I am personally thankful for this holiday season. First, there are our customers, who are largely responsible for this growth. The demand for cross-channel communication is huge, and we are fortunate to be working with some of the best companies in the world as they evolve their strategy for engaging their customers.

Second, I’m thankful for the market we entered. When we began—and started filling up the Palo Alto space—we were largely focused on mobile. The market for us has expanded to other channels, including intelligent email, and with that expansion we have a massive opportunity.

Because we began in the mobile arena, we are fortunate to have both the technology and the credibility to help lead this new market. Mobile apps and people’s voracious usage of mobile are disrupting the entire marketing tech stack, and we’re fortunate to be on the right side of the disruption.

Finally, there’s the large and ever-expanding group we call the Kahuna family. This includes not only Kahuna employees, but all the other people who have supported us—our investors, our partners, our evangelists in the evolving marketing industry, and yes, our personal families.

As I noted in today’s press release—announcing our 400% revenue growth, and our move to our new headquarters—it’s an exciting time for Kahuna. But credit goes to everyone who has helped us to get here. Thanks to you all.


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Author: Adam Marchick

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