AI + Marketing: The Top 3 Articles of August 2017

By: Sesame Mish | August 31, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, B2C Marketing, Personalization

The conversation on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) + marketing is not going anywhere. With more & more marketers and CMOs getting on board with the idea of AI as the months go by, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll take the plunge and implement it into their martech stack. AI is proving itself to be a full-out necessity for marketers, helping them connect with their customers on a deeper personalized level through relevant, contextual, and timely communications. The result? Stronger engagement, conversion, and retention. You can’t argue with that.

We’re excited to present another round-up of the best August 2017 articles from across the web, exploring how AI is helping boost marketing efforts. (Here’s July’s post if you missed it). Read on below for insights from 3 top August influencers:

1. The Future of AI Marketing Applications in Retail, MarTech Today

AI and marketing expert Daniel Faggella explains how the retail world is being turned upside down (in a good way!) by the introduction of AI-powered systems, particularly those that collect data on individual consumers and then use that data to serve them (only) tailored content. True—retail and e-commerce marketers are beginning to see that in order to stand out from other brands in this crowded space, they must start communicating with individuals as the individuals they are.

That said, using archaic marketing methods like demographic-based segmentation to help construct messaging is no longer going to cut it. Demographics don’t tell us anything about an individual’s wants, needs, and preferences. Instead, smart marketers are leaning towards behavioral segmentation and are using AI to facilitate. AI-based systems help marketers track data about individual consumers, glean insights about their preferences from these behaviors, and then automatically serve them relevant content accordingly, pushing all the B.S. generic messages to the wayside. This means that consumers are getting much more personalized communications that speak to what they do and what they like instead of just the fact that they’re a 29-year old female.

2. Why Marketers Need to Double Down on Artificial Intelligence, Forbes

Forbes contributor and marketer AJ Agrawal explains that AI isn’t going anywhere and with that, it’s stupid for marketers to try and ignore it. Some naysayers tried to ignore the power of social media and of content marketing at one point, too, but they felt the brutal result. He expresses: “There is no stopping the growth, so you have two choices: get on board with the idea that AI will change the way you market your business or let the competition pass you by.” True. The good news is that AI in your marketing is a lot more attainable than you may think. It’s not this big, clunky, complex thing that “only the big companies can do.” Even the smaller guys can take advantage of what AI has to offer. AI-powered tools can integrate right into existing platforms and invigorate marketing efforts with smarter decision-making about how and when to message and market to consumers. This is the only way to stay alongside (and perhaps forge ahead) of competitors in the crowded marketplace of today.

3. How to Prepare for AI-Powered Modern Marketing, Business2Community

Avid marketing writer Tahir Akbar breaks down 5 areas of marketing where AI will make the most impact in coming years. But perhaps the most thought-provoking point he makes is one he leaves for the conclusion, that being: “As a marketer, don’t consider robots, bots, and AI as taking over your jobs. Instead, take them as helping hands and tools to achieve your goals.” Right he is—AI can be your best friend. Marketers must stop fearing this “thing” called AI, that it will take over their job, and so that’s a reason to push back on it.

The truth is we are entering a new age of marketing, one where artificial intelligence will reign supreme, and so the marketers who push back instead of embracing it will be the ones whose brands aren’t around for the long-haul. This new era of AI-powered marketing is spearheaded by the idea that machines will help marketers make better business decisions about who to market, when to market, and how to market.

Here’s the cool twist—because AI helps to make communications between brand and consumer much more contextual & personalized, the word “market” above shifts to the word “engage.” With higher levels of personalization made possible by AI & machine learning, marketing doesn’t look like marketing anymore—it becomes high-quality engagement, turning browsers into buyers and buyers into lifelong brand loyalists. To sum this up, AI takes the guesswork out of marketing, using hard data to determine the right way to engage a consumer at every interaction, increasing the chances that the browse > buy > buy again, again…and again journey becomes reality.


Clearly, it’s AI for the win. Gain more learnings about how artificial intelligence can power your marketing and impact the things you care about, like engagement, conversion, and retention, by checking out The Kahuna Blog. Simply click the button below!

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