Announcing Kahuna Webinar with Guest Forrester: How E-Commerce Marketers Can Leverage Mobile to Improve Goal Conversions by 101%

By: Kahuna | April 6, 2017 | B2C Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Webinar

We’re excited to announce an upcoming webinar between Kahuna and guest Forrester on Wednesday, April 19th at 11am PT. Mihir Nanavati, SVP of Product & Marketing at Kahuna, and Guest Speaker, Jennifer Wise, Sr Analyst and B2C mobile marketing expert at Forrester, will discuss how e-commerce marketers can leverage mobile to improve goal conversions by an astounding 101%. You can register for the webinar here.

This webinar comes at a pivotal time for e-commerce marketers. The mobile landscape is changing, extending beyond mobile apps to fully encompass all mobile channels holistically. In order to stay competitive, e-commerce marketers must evaluate their mobile strategy for this new mobile era and employ new tools and tactics to re-engage and convert consumers.

To warm things up, we interview Jennifer to get her perspective on what e-commerce marketers need to do to keep their brands relevant. Here’s the beginning of the interview:

1. How has mobile for B2C marketing changed, and what do marketers need to be aware of?

Jennifer: At first, we talked about mobile as the device—it was a new container through which companies and brands could display their marketing and messaging efforts. And then we talked about mobile as a channel—a unique channel that required mobile-first strategies to meet customers where they spend all of their time—more than two hours a day according to the latest Forrester behavioral consumer survey. Today, mobile still commands this customer attention, but it plays a much more integral role as a crucial touchpoint—and often the orchestrator—of the customer’s cross-channel journey. Most marketers aren’t yet tapping into this potential. The majority still view it as a siloed channel. And this is a missed opportunity to use mobile in two key ways. First, as a link between online and offline touchpoints, meeting the need for both quick-hit information and lengthy research interactions that may happen on other channels. And second, as an omni-present touchpoint through which to present notifications, updates, or alerts.

2. How can marketers rethink consumer groups and segments and focus on a more personalized approach of an “audience of one”?

Jennifer: Mobile has also impacted customer expectations of brand interactions in mobile moments and thus how marketers need to think about their engagement strategy from a content and communications standpoint. Mobile launched what we call the “Mobile Mind Shift,” defined as “The expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need.”

Unpacking that definition, what we see is that customers expect brands to engage with them in ways that provide value, help them complete their task at hand, are contextually aware, and are personally relevant. This has introduced a new who, what, when, where, and why for mobile engagement strategies, as seen in the chart below from Forrester:

To read the rest of the interview and learn how e-commerce brands can leverage artificial intelligence to make this highly personalized experience a reality, stay tuned into the Kahuna Blog—or better yet, sign up for the webinar by clicking the button below!