Announcing the Latest Edition of the Mobile Marketing Index

By: Kahuna | February 23, 2016 | Kahuna, Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing Index 2015 stats

Kahuna customers send millions of messages each day, across multiple channels. Each one of those messages is a valuable data point about today’s mobile consumers. When you add all of those data points together over months and quarters, you get some of the most compelling mobile behavioral data in the industry. At Kahuna, we use this data to shape our product, our strategy, and our marketing each and every quarter, and we think it’s important for you to have this data too.

That’s why each quarter, we publish the Mobile Marketing Index. This industry benchmark report includes topline data gathered from hundreds of millions of users, and it offers actionable insight about how to reach customers in the mobile era.

Download The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index: Q4 2015

Kahuna is about changing the marketing game forever, and that means enabling every last marketer to deliver the exceptional experiences customers demand. Taking marketing to that next level requires insight, perspective, and a lot of creativity. While the latter is up to you, we can certainly help you with the first two.

The Mobile Marketing Index is a report that distills all that data we have about mobile consumers, and distills it into clear, concise, and highly actionable recommendations. Want to know the average push notification opt-in rates for your industry? No problem. What about which device most emails are opened on? The report has that too. Here are a few more highlights:

Want to learn even more about your mobile customers and enter 2016 armed with the data and insight you need to succeed? Well, download your free copy of the full report today!

Mobile Marketing IndexThe 2015 Mobile Marketing Index

Understanding the mobile consumer is now essential to marketing success. That’s why we’ve compiled the latest research to give you a competitive edge in the new year.