Announcing The Mobile Marketing Index for Q1 2016

By: Kahuna | May 31, 2016 | Mobile Marketing

For years marketers have thought that data is the key to their competitive edge. The more data, the better they’ll be able to market to their customers. However, the availability and ubiquity of data have shifted that focus. Data itself isn’t the competitive advantage, it’s the insights and understanding you can glean from that data that make a difference.

But getting to these insights can take a lot of work. That’s why each quarter, we do the number crunching for you and publish our results in the Mobile Marketing Index. This industry benchmark report includes data gathered from hundreds of millions of users, and it offers actionable insight about how to reach customers in the mobile era.

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For example, did you know consumers opened 86% of their emails on a mobile device in Q1? Or that smart mobile messaging triples app retention?

The mobile customer is changing fast and understanding mobile trends is crucial to delivering the best marketing possible. Other findings this quarter include:


Don’t miss out on these and other industry insights crucial to understanding your mobile customers. Kahuna is about changing the marketing game forever, and that means enabling every last marketer to deliver the exceptional experiences customers demand. Taking marketing to that next level requires insight, perspective, and a lot of creativity. While the latter is up to you, we can certainly help you with the first two.

Download The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index: Q1 2016

Mobile Marketing IndexThe Q1 2016 Mobile Marketing Index

Understanding the mobile consumer is now essential to marketing success. That’s why we’ve compiled the latest research to give you a competitive edge in the new year.