Building Your Own Push Notification System? Read This Before You Do.

By: Aaryn Kobayashi | August 13, 2014 | Product Features
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Do you know what goes into building a push notification system? Often times, when teams start to see the value that push notifications can add to their mobile business, they severely underestimate the effort that is needed to successfully build a sophisticated system in-house. Marketing and engineering teams have to collaborate extensively in order to ensure that the push notification system covers the business needs while being technically sound. Kahuna has put together extensive technical documentation of our own push notification system in order to shed light on the process of building a system in-house.


For Marketers:

Push notifications are an exciting mobile business opportunity, and when executed correctly, can greatly increase mobile revenue and user retention. If you are asking your engineering team to build this capability in-house, are you aware of the complexities necessary to build a successful, functionally robust system? Be sure to ask your engineering team if the system they are planning to build covers all of the following business needs:

  • Dynamic user profiles to help you understand your mobile users on a person level
  • Segmentation built in to help you target crucial groups of users
  • Automated message personalization
  • Message timing, so every user receives a message at the right time for them
  • A simple Campaign Creator UI that marketers can understand
  • A-to-E testing and control groups to test message copy
  • Campaign scheduling and rate limiting, so you never spam your users
  • Campaign tracking and reporting to quickly optimize campaigns


For Engineers:

So, you’ve been tasked with putting together a push notification system for your company. If you’re inclined to build your own mobile marketing engine, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together a comprehensive guide to building your own push notification system, and are excited to share our insights from the 3+ years we’ve been building Kahuna. We cover the complexities and hurdles involved with setting up a marketing automation machine that will keep your costs low and ensure the successful delivery, monitoring and support of your campaigns. Topics covered include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Client Side Integration
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Message Delivery
  • Reporting
  • Staffing
  • Innovating and Planning for the Future


Click here to get the step-by-step guide to creating your own push notification system. Of course, you can always start working with Kahuna and leave the heavy lifting to us. We strive to build a complete solution that has premium functionality with as little engineering cost as possible. We are also continually releasing new features, enhancements, campaign types, user segmentation filters, and reporting to help meet your mobile business needs.

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Author: Aaryn Kobayashi

Aaryn Kobayashi is Growth Marketer at Kahuna. Previously, she was flexing her muscles as a digital marketing consultant to stem the hemorrhaging of funds while she traveled across Europe and Asia. Aaryn moved to the Bay Area from San Diego where she was a digital marketing account manager by day and wannabe coder by night. Her interests beyond marketing include power yoga, running on single-track trails, taking conquering pictures on top of summits, and carving up a freshly powdered mountain. Read more about Aaryn on her website where she details some of her travel adventures and coding projects.

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