The Top 3 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Customer Loyalty Program

  Just like a fresh-faced teenager new to relationships and insecure about what you bring to the table while thinking your potential suitors have it all, many companies find themselves avoiding taking the leap of setting up a loyalty program. You may think your loyalty program will be a failure because you don’t have budget […]

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Announcing Demandfest – a B2B summit for practitioners, by practitioners

B2B Marketing for high-growth companies is hard: marketers are expected to find that magic bullet that drives sales velocity, with limited chips and a fail-fast but not-often, ethos. My bestie Jeff Nolan, Venture Capitalist-turned marketing operator and I have put our heads together over the years to cook the most complex, elaborate menus. And so […]

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The 5 Ws of Modern Marketing: How to Give Every Consumer a Personalized Experience

Traditionally, marketing has been about broadcasting your generic message to as many people as possible with the hopes that someone will listen. But this approach is about as persuasive as the guy on the street corner dancing to Kanye West tunes and spinning around the discounted tax prep promotion sign. You see it. You got […]

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Modern Marketing Isn’t Enough. Why We Need Value-Driven Marketers.

You can probably recall when the term “modern marketing” felt…modern. Just conduct an internet search for the term and you can find dozens (probably hundreds) of definitions of modern marketing or modern marketer. Some are clear, others are purposely vague. But consensus? Not happening. Today, calling yourself a modern marketer is almost reflexive. And as […]

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How 10app Engineers Virality with Personalized Messaging

Customer spotlight: 10app

People are creating more videos than ever thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, GoPro cameras and even drones. But it’s a major hassle to edit those videos into digestible bites for social networks. 10app aims to solve this problem by making it drop-dead simple to find the best parts of videos, add soundtracks, and share […]

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How Wego Optimized its Conversion Funnel with Personalized Messaging

Personalized messaging helps drive the conversion funnel

Wego, the premier destination for finding travel deals, wanted a marketing strategy that would help nudge users through its conversion funnel. At the same time, Wego knew that travel is a brutally competitive space and the old batch-and-blast approach to messaging could turn users off, potentially forever. Wego needed a data-driven approach to its mobile […]

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3 Big Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these 4 Mobile Marketing Mistakes

The competition in the app world is absolutely brutal. The days of merely creating a great app without a compelling marketing strategy are over. With that said, there are still a few big mobile marketing mistakes brands of all sizes continue to make. Acquiring new users without a retention plan Far too often, brands pour […]

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Mobile User Retention Doesn’t Just Happen

Mobile app user retention tips

In the highly competitive mobile space, merely having a great product isn’t enough to ensure high levels of user retention. The best brands have found a person-centric communication strategy can be the main driver of increased user retention. “Everyone likes to think that if you have a really great application that everyone wants to use, […]

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Mobile Innovators Series: Q&A with HotelQuickly’s You Teck Lam

HotelQuickly on how to reach users in Asia-Pacific

In this installment of the Kahuna Mobile Innovators Series, we’re happy to share an interview with You Teck Lam, mobile marketing manager and growth marketer for HotelQuickly. HotelQuickly is a leading last-minute booking app that saves travelers time and money by offering dynamic deals at the best hotels in Asia-Pacific. How do you (and HotelQuickly) think […]

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The Struggle for Smart Segmentation [infographic]

More than 7 billion push notifications are sent just through iOS every single day. 205 billion emails are sent and received every 24 hours. At Kahuna we track over 500 million actions consumers take a day. The issue isn’t data. It’s finding the story in the data. Consumers are bombarded with messaging—by a seemingly neverending […]

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