Infographic: 10 Critical Steps to Improve Your Mobile Commerce Strategy

  If you sell products and services online, you’re already aware of the importance of perfecting the mobile experience for your consumers. With smartphones becoming more powerful and easier to use, consumers are ditching desktops and turning to mobile devices more and more for shopping. And, they’re expecting your mobile app and their experience with your brand […]

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4 Rules to Rich Push Notification Success: A Primer for Mobile Marketers

As a mobile marketer, you’re familiar with push notifications. But what surprises me is that not all of you are enhancing your mobile campaigns with rich push notifications, which allow media assets to be delivered along with the text. Not sending rich push notifications is like sending an email without images or graphics. You just […]

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How Marketers Can Improve the Customer Experience: 3 Learnings from Virgin America’s Long-Awaited App Release

There is a lot of noise about transforming marketing strategies from multi-channel to cross-channel and setting up your data and produce to work in an agile way. To get definitions out of the way, broadly speaking, a multi-channel method means incessantly blasting the same marketing message on every channel, in the hopes that your message […]

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Modern Marketing Isn’t Enough. Why We Need Value-Driven Marketers.

You can probably recall when the term “modern marketing” felt…modern. Just conduct an internet search for the term and you can find dozens (probably hundreds) of definitions of modern marketing or modern marketer. Some are clear, others are purposely vague. But consensus? Not happening. Today, calling yourself a modern marketer is almost reflexive. And as […]

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8 Tips To Drive In-App Purchases


There were 226 billion apps downloaded in 2015. Billion. With a B. For brands across that world, that translates into a significant opportunity to spend more time with their customers and, in turn, capture a greater share of their wallet. But the value of an app download isn’t immediately realized. Only 8% of apps downloaded […]

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60% of Millennials Influenced by Mobile Advocacy


As marketers, we are under no illusions that consumers truly trust us. Decades of Slap Chop hawking infomercials and pushy marketing messages have effectively undermined the credibility of marketing for most consumers, and who can really blame them. Consumers are instead turning to their peers for recommendations, reviews, and endorsements. According to new research from […]

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App Partnerships: Pros, Cons, and How To’s


Late last month, Hilton announced it would be deepening its partnership with ride sharing app Uber. A traveler who has both the Uber app and the HHonors app will now see the two interact in intelligent, and hopefully helpful, new ways. For example, when a Hilton traveler opens their Uber app during a trip, Uber […]

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Does Localization Really Matter?


There’s a fundamental change in priority impacting marketers from the top down. Engagement is the new acquisition. As commanding attention proves more difficult, marketers are realizing they need strategies to provide more value to – and drive more value from – an active customer base. But how to even get started with an engagement strategy? […]

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Mobile is Already March Madness’ Big Winner

We’ve all done it. You’re watching something on television, an act that once held your attention for hours, and you reach for your smartphone to research something you just saw, answer a text message, follow a television star on Instagram, or a million other things that pop into your head. The phenomenon is known as […]

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Email and Push Notifications: A Time For Each, But Never Both


According to a recent study by Informate Mobile Intelligence, Americans are now spending a stupefying 4.7 hours per day on their phones. That’s almost a third of our day! While shocking, studies like this one have become so common we’ve grown numb to the ever increasing amount of our time we spend absorbed in a […]

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