Kahuna Strategic Services: 4 Learnings from the First 60 Days

  It’s been a couple of months since Kahuna Strategic Services launched in December 2016. The core mission of KSS is to accelerate marketer agility and improve the way modern marketers communicate with their valued customers. As a team, we’ve focused on helping our clients achieve actionable ways to drive engagement, conversion, and retention and have […]

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App Partnerships: Pros, Cons, and How To’s


Late last month, Hilton announced it would be deepening its partnership with ride sharing app Uber. A traveler who has both the Uber app and the HHonors app will now see the two interact in intelligent, and hopefully helpful, new ways. For example, when a Hilton traveler opens their Uber app during a trip, Uber […]

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The Patriots’ Apple Watch push notifications for today’s NFL Draft and beyond

Patriots Apple Watch app

Patriots fans get real-time draft updates to their Apple Watch, powered by Kahuna. Today, we’re thrilled to share the new Patriot’s Apple Watch app. The Patriots Apple Watch app went live the first day the Apple Watch store opened, just in time to deliver real-time updates for today’s NFL Draft right to your watch.  The Patriots are […]

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Install Kahuna with the Flip of a Switch

Today, we’re taking the next step in making it as easy as possible to get going with Kahuna. We’re the latest service to join the Segment platform, so you can install Kahuna with the flip of a switch. It’s criminally simple. Segment is a customer data hub. That means they collect the interaction data from […]

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There’s a real dearth of best practices for optimizing mobile apps. This is partly due to the immaturity of mobile as a platform, but it’s also because of the complexities around product testing and optimization. It is important that mobile-focused companies understand the nuances around product testing and have a trusted solution for optimizing their […]

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On-demand Webinar: Treating Your Mobile Users Like People

Everything you need to know to understand your mobile customers and start treating them like people. In this webinar, we will show you how to collect and combine the right data, and how to use data to create marketing messages that delight your customers. Learn how to: gather great data understand your mobile customers across […]

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Designing Your App for Conversion: Q&A with Prolific Interactive

Social Media

Looking to increase cart fulfillment through your app? It all starts with a great user experience. Prolific Interactive is a mobile app design and development company focusing on the modern retailer. We asked Bobby Emamian, CEO and Co-Founder of Prolific, how mobile-focused brands can use their apps to grow revenue.   1.  What makes a successful […]

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Paddy Power’s World Cup Win

Paddy's Power World Cup Win

How do the world’s most innovative apps capitalize on world wide sporting events to drive mobile business? It’s all about inspiring users with compelling offers in real-time. Paddy Power, a UK-based betting service, understands the importance of user engagement and delight on mobile – two principles that drove the development of their World Cup-specific mobile […]

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Kahuna Partners with Marketo

Kahuna is excited to announce our partnership with Marketo, providing mobile marketing services to their customers.  For more information: http://launchpoint.marketo.com/kahuna-inc/1336-kahuna/

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