Introducing Experiences

Today, we are thrilled to take the covers off Experiences, one of the biggest expansions to Kahuna’s products. With Experiences, marketers create simple paths leading consumers to important marketing goals. Experiences nurture your customers along those paths with targeted messages delivered across the most important channels. Until now, marketers faced daunting challenges crafting cross-channel customer […]

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Feature Deep Dive: Campaign Performance Dashboard

Last week we announced the upcoming release of our campaign performance dashboard. This week, we’re going to dive into the details a bit more. One of the questions marketers often ask is “how effective are my campaigns?” Despite massive advances in tracking and technology, quantifying the true effect of a campaign remains elusive. There are […]

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New Feature Friday: Campaign Performance Dashboard for Visualizing Digital Response

You’d be hard pressed not to hear the word “engagement” in the halls of a marketing department. And it’s for good reason. 69% of C-level executives put digital engagement of customers as one of their top three objectives, with 30% citing it as the most important objective their business seeks to achieve, according to McKinsey. […]

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New Feature Friday: Better Testing & Optimizing with the In-App Campaign Creator


Few channels carry as much emotional resonance as the in-app experience. And few are as tricky to get right. The mobile app, and what happens inside of it, represents a huge opportunity for value-driven marketers that are focused on delivering true engagement. Consumers spend 85% of their time on smartphones inside apps, and mobile purchasing […]

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New Feature Friday: Updated UI Framework

Every day, marketers log in to the Kahuna web app to craft personalized messaging that drives excitement, engagement, and advocacy. We’re always looking for ways to increase our speed of innovation and support our customers’ needs. We wanted to share a recent step we took on this front. The Kahuna app was originally built using […]

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New Feature Friday: Data Exports That Make Reporting Easy


Data makes the world go round. And marketing in an era where mobility is the defining characteristic of the customer is as much science as art. So it’s not surprising that 9 out of 10 marketers say that data is important to their overall strategy. (We’d like to know who’s the one marketer that says […]

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Does Localization Really Matter?


There’s a fundamental change in priority impacting marketers from the top down. Engagement is the new acquisition. As commanding attention proves more difficult, marketers are realizing they need strategies to provide more value to – and drive more value from – an active customer base. But how to even get started with an engagement strategy? […]

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Kahuna Is Challenging The Marketing Technology Status Quo

Kahuna's Next Steps

Kahuna is redefining marketing automation for the mobile era. It’s not about spam, it’s about communication automation, delivering personalized messages at scale. This is an audacious goal that requires the best team in the world, the resources to expand, and a technology platform to handle the challenge. With today’s announcements that we’ve raised a $45 million […]

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Introducing Dynamic Deep Linking: Amplify The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Kahuna Mobile Dynamic Deeplinking

Moving customers through the conversion funnel and keeping them engaged are top challenges for mobile-focused brands. Mobile messaging is a great way to drive users back into your app, but what happens next? How do you ensure that users not only click through but also take that key conversion action once they are back in […]

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Introducing RevIQ™: An Automated Way To Engage And Monetize Your Mobile Users

While app usage is skyrocketing, mobile-focused companies still lack best practices for mobile engagement.  This is partly due to the real-time nature of mobile: user behavior changes moment-to-moment, and engagement marketing tactics are often rendered obsolete before mobile teams can derive insights and put in place an updated strategy.  This is a problem because small adjustments make a big difference […]

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