4 Rules to Rich Push Notification Success: A Primer for Mobile Marketers

As a mobile marketer, you’re familiar with push notifications. But what surprises me is that not all of you are enhancing your mobile campaigns with rich push notifications, which allow media assets to be delivered along with the text. Not sending rich push notifications is like sending an email without images or graphics. You just […]

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How Marketers Can Improve the Customer Experience: 3 Learnings from Virgin America’s Long-Awaited App Release

There is a lot of noise about transforming marketing strategies from multi-channel to cross-channel and setting up your data and produce to work in an agile way. To get definitions out of the way, broadly speaking, a multi-channel method means incessantly blasting the same marketing message on every channel, in the hopes that your message […]

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You Have 7 Days to Hook App Users

Mobile App Retention

As we’ve written before, success in app marketing is all about retention. No matter how much money you spend or how well crafted your campaigns are, none of it matters unless you can get your users/customers to stick around. If you don’t make a good first impression, you could lose users forever. So just what […]

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In-App Messaging vs. Push Notifications: Best Practices

In-app messaging and push notifications are extremely powerful channels for brands to reach customers because people are spending an increasing amount of time in apps. This blog post will walk you through in-app messaging and push notifications, as well as offer some best practices for how each medium can help boost engagement, retention and monetization. […]

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Guide: Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for On-Demand Apps

Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for On-Demand Apps

The on-demand economy is taking the world by storm. In the past few years, hundreds of apps backed by over $9.4 billion in funding have been created to satisfy the immediate wants and needs of users. Whether you need a taxi or a massage, on-demand apps give you unfettered access with just a few taps […]

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Guide: Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Travel

Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Travel

It’s no surprise that travel is going mobile. Smartphones are the perfect companions for travel as they allow travelers to plan and amend trips while on-the-go. It’s projected that more than 25% of travel bookings will be completed on mobile in 2015. The most successful travel apps make it possible for consumers to easily and […]

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Guide: Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Media and Entertainment

Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Media and Entertainment

Technology has changed the way that we consume media. Gone are the days when people took the time to browse through a newspaper, listen to a soundtrack from start to finish, or flip through television channels to discover content organically. Today, we expect personalized content delivered to us on demand. More than ever, media and […]

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The Patriots’ Apple Watch push notifications for today’s NFL Draft and beyond

Patriots Apple Watch app

Patriots fans get real-time draft updates to their Apple Watch, powered by Kahuna. Today, we’re thrilled to share the new Patriot’s Apple Watch app. The Patriots Apple Watch app went live the first day the Apple Watch store opened, just in time to deliver real-time updates for today’s NFL Draft right to your watch.  The Patriots are […]

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Guide: Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Retail and E-Commerce

Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Retail & E-Commerce

Mobile is a platform that no retail or e-commerce brand can afford to ignore. As of 2014, mobile accounted for more than half of all e-commerce traffic. More shoppers than ever are turning to mobile for personalized, contextual, and memorable shopping experiences. Push notifications can be a catalyst for e-commerce customers to complete valuable actions […]

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Marketing Strategy Guide: Push and Email in the Mobile Era

Push and Email in the Mobile Era

The mobile era has made it easier than ever for brands to reach consumers—and its influence spreads beyond mobile itself. Because consumers today are hyper-connected, they expect more intuitive communications from all channels, not just mobile. What does this mean for two of the most important communication levers that marketers can pull—push and email? Understanding […]

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