So You Have Decided You Need a Data Scientist: A Primer for Digital Marketers

As the head of your marketing group you know you want to bring on a data scientist in order to gain deeper insights from your data, achieve better customer profiles, improve your understanding of consumer touch points, and enhance overall campaign effectiveness. You’ve made the decision to hire. But what now? Ever since the Harvard […]

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Creating Human Connection Through Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Marketing

Technology has had a profound impact on marketing in the last decade. More than 5 years ago, Gartner correctly predicted that technology would become the centerpiece of the modern marketing function. Today, the impact of all the technology is being felt not only in how we execute our marketing strategies but in what it means […]

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3 GIFS That Explain the Power of Machine Learning

“Machine learning” has graduated into the upper echelon of business buzzwords. That hallowed level where we’ve all used it, but few up us really know what it means. It’s like “The Cloud” or “Synergy.” We sort of get it, but what are the real world applications and ramifications? The impacts of machine learning are far […]

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3 GIFs That Explain the Difference Between A/B Testing, Multivariate, and Machine Learning

Digital marketers have a number of advantages over their Mad Men era predecessors. Better analytics, more touch points, increased engagement with consumers, the list goes on. But the biggest advantage we have is that we can test and optimize campaigns. Once a billboard is up, it’s difficult and expensive to change it if people don’t […]

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How Machine Learning Works in Mobile Messaging [Infographic]

We’re living in a brave new world of technological innovation. While that innovation has given us exciting new products, new capabilities, and new disruption, it has also given us new concepts to learn about and understand. One of those concepts you hear about a lot is machine learning. Basically, machine learning explores the study and […]

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Getting The Most Out of Paid Media

How Owned Communication helps Paid Media

The cost to acquire users is only going up but winning brands are able to effectively convert these users to owned communications channels. This was the main takeaway from a recent webinar with Kahuna’s Doug Roberge and Michael Becker, co-founder of mCordis, While there are many types of marketing, Michael said they all boil down […]

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Infographic: 14 Jaw-Dropping Mobile Marketing Stats

Mobile Marketing stats to blow your mind

Mobile has changed the world. Whether it’s healthcare, shopping, news, media, advertising or gaming, the smartphone is becoming a critical factor in nearly every facet of life. This infographic will really frame just how big the opportunity is for smart brands that embrace mobile in the right way. The opportunity is definitely massive and only […]

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Kahuna Is Challenging The Marketing Technology Status Quo

Kahuna's Next Steps

Kahuna is redefining marketing automation for the mobile era. It’s not about spam, it’s about communication automation, delivering personalized messages at scale. This is an audacious goal that requires the best team in the world, the resources to expand, and a technology platform to handle the challenge. With today’s announcements that we’ve raised a $45 million […]

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Marketing in the Age of Intelligent Machines, Part II

The End of Persona-based marketing

At one time, persona-based marketing was seen as innovation. It was part of a larger innovative approach to customer engagement called user-centered design. It gave marketers direction—”What content matters, knowing whom I need to engage?” Importantly, it gave marketers a way to engage at scale that didn’t depend on a single character with a single […]

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GrowCommerce 2015: Mobile Engagement on The Rise

GrowCommerce: Mobile Engagement

The mobile-first world means major changes for how brands reach consumers. Kahuna CEO Adam Marchick and Brock Strasbourger, Head of Business at Fancy, covered this topic at GrowCommerce 2015 last week in New York, during their panel “Making Money on Mobile.” The pair discussed how mobile engagement strategies are changing the way business is done on […]

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