Announcing The Mobile Marketing Index for Q1 2016

For years marketers have thought that data is the key to their competitive edge. The more data, the better they’ll be able to market to their customers. However, the availability and ubiquity of data have shifted that focus. Data itself isn’t the competitive advantage, it’s the insights and understanding you can glean from that data […]

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The Smartphone Slow Down (And What It Means for Acquisition Costs)

Markets rarely grow exponentially forever, though we often act like they will. This is especially true for smartphone proliferation, which many assume will continue its hockey-stick growth in perpetuity. But we’ve reached the point where a majority of US adults own smartphones. Reduced availability of feature phones on the market (non-smartphones) and lower average cost […]

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Why Marketing Will Finally Get Serious About Engagement


Engagement is frequently bandied about in marketing circles. It’s a hot (if poorly understood) term. Further proof of this trend comes this week from Forrester Research in the form of the Q1 TechRadar: Mobile Marketing Report. Forrester declared the Mobile Engagement Automation industry as the fastest growing mobile marketing and commerce technology poised for significant […]

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The Financial Customer is Mobile. Are you ready for them?

Still think customers are nervous about putting their financial lives on a mobile device? It might be time to reconsider. According to mobile payments app Venmo, Over $1 billion was transferred in January of this year using the app. Compared to the app’s numbers in January of 2015, those numbers represent an increase of 250 […]

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How We Spent Our Mobile Moments in 2015

It’s become a marketing trope to declare each successive year the “Year of Mobile.” We’ve heard it every year for the past decade. Since we as marketers have never collectively decided on which exact year should hold that title, I’m sure we will continue to hear similar proclamations for years to come. So for the […]

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Announcing the Latest Edition of the Mobile Marketing Index

Mobile Marketing Index 2015 stats

Kahuna customers send millions of messages each day, across multiple channels. Each one of those messages is a valuable data point about today’s mobile consumers. When you add all of those data points together over months and quarters, you get some of the most compelling mobile behavioral data in the industry. At Kahuna, we use […]

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How Wego Optimized its Conversion Funnel with Personalized Messaging

Personalized messaging helps drive the conversion funnel

Wego, the premier destination for finding travel deals, wanted a marketing strategy that would help nudge users through its conversion funnel. At the same time, Wego knew that travel is a brutally competitive space and the old batch-and-blast approach to messaging could turn users off, potentially forever. Wego needed a data-driven approach to its mobile […]

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Marketing Guide: Mobile Innovators—Marketing for the Mobile Era

Mobile Marketing Guide: Mobile Innovators

The Kahuna Mobile Innovators Series spotlights a variety of forward-thinking marketers who are on the bleeding edge of mobile engagement. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites in an easy-to-share document and we believe the insights will be useful for brands of all sizes. Download Mobile Innovators: Marketing for the Mobile Era This compilation includes […]

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10 Surprising Mobile Marketing Stats for 2016 (and GIFs)


There is no doubt mobile has become a huge part of marketing strategies in every industry. Mobile devices have forever changed the way consumers and brands interact with each other and that is not likely to change any time soon. While marketers have been proclaiming each successive year “the year of mobile” for almost a […]

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Mobile User Retention Doesn’t Just Happen

Mobile app user retention tips

In the highly competitive mobile space, merely having a great product isn’t enough to ensure high levels of user retention. The best brands have found a person-centric communication strategy can be the main driver of increased user retention. “Everyone likes to think that if you have a really great application that everyone wants to use, […]

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