How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting E-Commerce and Consumer Marketing

Recently, my colleague, Andrew Eichenbaum, Head of Data Science at Kahuna, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Krigsman of CXO Talk. Michael conducts interviews on topics that are profoundly changing the technology and business landscape. We spent the hour discussing artificial intelligence and machine learning and how they’re transforming consumer engagement and […]

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Email Marketing for the Mobile Era

Mobile Email Marketing tips and tricks

The majority of emails are now opened on mobile, yet many brands still rely on email marketing strategies built for the desktop age. By taking mobile behaviors into account, brands can make their emails stand out in their customers’ crowded inboxes. That was the major takeaway from last week’s webinar with Kahuna and Yummly, “Five Ways […]

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Getting The Most Out of Paid Media

How Owned Communication helps Paid Media

The cost to acquire users is only going up but winning brands are able to effectively convert these users to owned communications channels. This was the main takeaway from a recent webinar with Kahuna’s Doug Roberge and Michael Becker, co-founder of mCordis, While there are many types of marketing, Michael said they all boil down […]

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Webinar: Own Your Audience: Driving Connection, Communication and Commerce

Webinar: Communication to drive Connection and Commerce

Brands of all sizes use paid media to acquire new users. But as technologies like ad blockers grow in prominence, it’s vital for brands to lean on owned communication channels—like push notifications, in-app messaging, and email — to turn users from paid media into high-value, long-term customers. This will be the topic of conversation during […]

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[Webinar] How Behavioral Analytics Inform Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Product analytics and marketing

Successful brands know that guesswork has no place in the modern, data-rich landscape. Today’s leaders must use a data-driven approach to ensure they’re delivering the best experience to their customers, across all channels and devices. In our upcoming webinar, “Insights to Action: Inform Your Engagement Marketing Strategy with Behavioral Analytics,” on Thursday Oct. 22 at […]

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[Webinar] Communication Gets Personal: The Next Generation of Mobile Marketing Automation

Webinar: Kahuna, Forrester

Increasingly, your customers’ lives are glued to their mobile screens and their decisions are being influenced by what they can or can’t do on their device of choice—in their “mobile moment” of need. Forrester Research defines a mobile moment as a point in time when somebody pulls out a mobile device to get what he […]

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On-demand Webinar: Optimizing The User Journey Through Attribution & Re-engagement

The mobile app market is already fiercely competitive and it’s only going to get more heated. You need a data-driven strategy to ensure that you’re delivering the best experience along each step of the new omni-channel customer journey. We provide actionable insights on how to achieve this in our webinar, Optimizing The User Journey Through Attribution […]

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On-demand Webinar: Beyond the App Install, From Acquisition to Re-engagement

Kahuna Re-engagement

In 2015, how does the modern marketer succeed against increasing mobile competition? How does one look beyond the basic app install and focus on user retention and app engagement? How can marketers acquire the right users to maximize every acquisition dollar spent? We answer all of these questions and more in our on-demand webinar Beyond the App […]

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On-demand Webinar: Treating Your Mobile Users Like People

Everything you need to know to understand your mobile customers and start treating them like people. In this webinar, we will show you how to collect and combine the right data, and how to use data to create marketing messages that delight your customers. Learn how to: gather great data understand your mobile customers across […]

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[Webinar]: How To Keep Your Users Coming Back For More

Webinar Details: Thursday, 10/30 10 am Pacific Time, 1 pm Eastern Time #KeepMobileUsers Link to register Engagement and retention are two major challenges faced by today’s mobile app teams. Less than 40% of users are still using an app one month after they download.* There’s a growing need to focus on optimizing these stages of […]

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