Email Marketing for the Mobile Era

By: Kahuna | February 2, 2016 | Kahuna, Webinar
Mobile Email Marketing tips and tricks

The majority of emails are now opened on mobile, yet many brands still rely on email marketing strategies built for the desktop age. By taking mobile behaviors into account, brands can make their emails stand out in their customers’ crowded inboxes.

That was the major takeaway from last week’s webinar with Kahuna and Yummly, “Five Ways to Increase Email Engagement Through Mobile Behavioral Data.” The good news? Customer sentiment around email is improving and the proliferation of mobile devices means your email marketing can reach customers anywhere they are. The bad news? 42% of customers delete promotional emails without reading them.

Kahuna’s Doug Roberge said the culprit is bringing the old batch-and-blast email marketing approach to the mobile era. Emails sent from businesses to consumers are up 14% since 2013, yet email click-to-open rates are down 25% over the same period.

Mobile has fundamentally changed customer expectations when it comes to email marketing, as customers now demand messages that are immediate, simple and contextual. Customers also expect brands to use an omnichannel approach that delivers value with every single message.

Yummly’s Brian Witlin, COO, said the value of the company is being able to deliver personalized recipe recommendations, so its customers demand that same level of personalization from its messaging, including email marketing.

For its email marketing, Yummly includes cross-channel behavior patterns, individually personalizes the content, optimizes for the best-performing copy, times the delivery for when users like to engage, and triggers campaigns programmatically based on actions in the app. The results are worth it. One Yummly automated onboarding program, which includes intelligent email marketing, boosted new user conversions by 13x.

You can watch the entire VentureBeat webinar below.