Feature Deep Dive: Campaign Performance Dashboard

By: Kahuna | May 27, 2016 | Kahuna, Product Features

Last week we announced the upcoming release of our campaign performance dashboard. This week, we’re going to dive into the details a bit more.

One of the questions marketers often ask is “how effective are my campaigns?” Despite massive advances in tracking and technology, quantifying the true effect of a campaign remains elusive. There are often too many variables at play to get a clear picture. Types of campaigns, channels of delivery, engagement rates, and messages over time. These are all factors that need to be considered when it comes to campaign performance, making it difficult have the holistic view necessary to truly understand campaign effectiveness.

However, with our new campaign performance dashboard, we’re taking the first step in providing insights to answer the effectiveness question – at both a high level, as well as a much more granular level. The campaign performance dashboard brings together the essential elements of campaign performance into one cohesive view, making it easy for marketers to understand effectiveness at a glance. Let’s take a closer look.

Performance Visualized

The campaign performance dashboard provides a visualization of your aggregate message delivery and customer response across channels, as well as a ‘per channel’ breakdown for any time frame you choose.


Charts showing aggregate as well as ‘per channel’ trends over time allow you to easily identify the channels your customers are most responsive to, and quickly gain insight that will help optimize your messaging strategy.


Use our filters to see all campaign types together – revealing overall trends, or filter down to campaigns of an individual type – such as lifecycle or conversion – to see how these specific campaign types perform over time.


Additional filters allow you to view campaigns targeting a specific channel, such as push, email or in-app, or analyze data for any combination of multi-channel campaigns.

The dashboard also displays a list of all campaigns that were actively engaging your customers over a given time frame – affecting the response trend over time – and lets you view the campaign data down to an individual campaign level.

We even calculate the most important metrics and display them on KPI tiles at the top of the screen for quick insight into your campaign performance.

Kahuna’s campaign performance dashboard will help marketers quickly identify response trends over time, across campaign types and channels, and provide insight to help guide messaging strategy and increase customer engagement. Marketing success is all about having the right information at the right time, and Kahuna is committed to providing that information through the right tools and technology.

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