Google I/O Promises Big Changes to Notifications

By: Kahuna | July 21, 2014 | Product Features
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At Google’s latest I/O conference, many groundbreaking changes were announced regarding the future of the Android operating system. Google has an ambitious vision for the new ways people will be interacting with their devices, and what those devices look like. In addition, Google made prominent announcements about the specifics of the push notification system on Android smartphones. This comes in the wake of Apple’s announcement about iOS 8, and the huge ways this update will impact push notifications. Clearly, these two tech giants understand the true importance that immediate, personalized communication with users will have in the years to come, and are preparing their technology to be competitive in this exciting future.


New Hardware – Smartwatches, Android TV, & Android Auto

Possibly the most groundbreaking announcement at Google I/O was regarding the new ways that people will be able to interact with push notifications. This form of communication typically reserved for a smartphone screen will expand its domain to smartwatches, television, and even automobiles. This dramatic increase in channels indicates that there will be many more touch points for push notifications to make a unique impact on the user. This indicates that we are moving towards a future of seamless omnichannel communication, in which push notifications play a critical role.


Changes to Smartphone Notification System

In addition, huge changes were announced regarding Android’s notification system for mobile. With the upcoming version of Android, people will be able to interact with notifications directly from the lock screen. This means that push notifications are closer and faster to access than ever, with fewer barriers to clicking through and interacting with apps directly from the lock screen. In addition, Google announced new Heads-Up notifications that cut through the clutter in a serious way by appearing over full screen apps. Essentially, these new notifications are in-app messages, but can appear within other apps. Specifics about these new ways of interacting with push notifications are still speculative, but it is clear that push enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to.


Impact on Push Notifications 

  • Push notifications are no longer just for mobile phones.
  • Push notifications will be a much more integral part of the mobile phone experience.
  • Because push will be much more present, spam will not be tolerated.
  • Push must provide real, in-the-moment value to individuals, regardless of channel.

These new improvements on the ways people interact with push notifications signals a revolution in the push notification space. It is clear that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the full potential of push notifications, and the roles they play in people’s lives. With Google and Apple optimizing their operating systems to accommodate this new generation of push notifications, Kahuna is ready to help mobile apps meet these new innovations head-on.