The Definitive Guide to Communication Automation: Stop Marketing, Start Communicating

By: Kahuna | August 25, 2015 | Marketplaces

Communication Automation Guide
Marketing has to evolve for the mobile era. Consumers demand relevant messages across all channels and on multiple devices. In order to meet this demand, brands need to stop marketing at people and start communicating with them.

Brands finally have the right tools to engage—not just market to—people at scale by personalizing and delivering messages, over the right channels, at the right times, on the right devices. It’s not just the tools, as the transition from marketing to communication requires an organizational mindset shift.

Communication automation is the only way to deliver personalized communication at scale. An effective communication automation system requires big data and machine learning capabilities, a technology infrastructure that can scale, and it must be designed to fit the needs of marketing professionals.

Our latest resource, “The Definitive Guide to Communication Automation: Stop Marketing. Start Communicating.” gives you the insight you need to effectively communicate with your users, what to demand in a communication automation platform, and how to tackle the organizational transition.

The stakes are higher than ever. You can destroy the goodwill that took months to build with a single mis-timed or non-personalized message. Remember, every brand is always just a few seconds away from having its app deleted.

Click here to download The Definitive Guide to Communication Automation: Stop Marketing. Start Communicating.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why smart brands are evolving from marketing at people to communicating with people
  • How to build your organization to embrace personalized communication at scale
  • How marketing organizations prepare for the inevitable shift to a communication-centric world
  • What communication automation does to boost retention and drive revenue


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