Mobile Engagement Crash Course Guide: Intro to Mobile Marketing Automation

By: Kahuna | September 17, 2015 | Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing Automation: Mobile Engagement Crash Course

Mobile has changed everything, including how brands should communicate with people. The batch-and-blast marketing mindset doesn’t work in a mobile world. In fact, it can actively damage your brand.

Kahuna has been working on the Mobile Engagement Crash Course to help brands navigate the new mobile world and we’re happy to offer the first guide, “Mobile Engagement Crash Course: Intro to Mobile Marketing Automation.” This guide is packed with actionable strategies that will empower brands to stop marketing at people and start communicating with them.

Download Mobile Engagement Crash Course: Intro to Mobile Marketing Automation

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What’s needed for an impactful mobile engagement strategy
  • Why Mobile Marketing Automation is evolving into Communication Automation
  • How to amplify your brand by capitalizing on mobile moments
  • And much more!

Brands must understand, engage and delight customers in the mobile era. The traditional A/B testing of message copy and delivery just doesn’t work because it requires too much manual work and, more importantly, ensures that a significant percentage of users are receiving the wrong message. Mobile Marketing Automation and Communication Automation empower brands to develop authentic connections with users through personalized communication at scale.

Download Mobile Engagement Crash Course: Intro to Mobile Marketing Automation

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