How 1-800-FLOWERS Chose Their Mobile Marketing Vendor and Delivered 324% uplift

By: Kahuna | January 13, 2014 | Customer Spotlight
How 1-800-Flowers used mobile automation to boost uplift

Key Learnings

  • Innovation: Mobile marketing teams can innovate when technical dependence is lowered.
  • Reporting: Setting a higher baseline for push marketing success requires business-level reporting.
  • Personalization: Push at scale means 1:1 customer conversations – not broadcast messaging.

“Kahuna is the clear winner in marketing automation for mobile. We evaluated many mobile marketing providers and Kahuna has a disruptive product.” – Amit Shah, VP of Mobile, 1-800-Flowers.

For 1-800-Flowers, customer delight is a company promise realized through their push messaging strategy.“We want to send messages that add value to our customer’s shopping experience” explains Kapil, Senior Mobile Manager. With over 30 million customers around the world, the goal is ambitious to say the least, and one Kapil and the mobile team at 1-800-Flowers were eager to achieve at the end of 2013.

“We don’t think of mobile as an extension of desktop. We spend a lot of cycles to optimize both the UI / UX of the mobile ecosystem. The mobile experience needs to be frictionless, and have the least number of touch points. This makes push marketing a challenge worth taking on.”

Thoughtful vendor selection, vigorous testing and innovative push marketing has enabled the 1-800-Flowers mobile team to do just that. With Kahuna as their Engagement Engine, they have been arranging smiles across iOS and Android, driving 43% higher purchases than control-group users and up to 324% uplift in engagement.

Principle 1: Protect Technical Resources

“We look at push as an asynchronous extension of email, and wanted our email team to own this channel without dependence on technical teams. From choosing push messaging and key segments, to setting up and running automated and one-time campaigns, autonomy was key. We can use Kahuna to run various kinds of campaigns with literally no coding required.”

Kapil wanted to give his team freedom from continuous or complex code changes in order to run campaigns. A one-time Kahuna integration in less than 60 minutes removed all dependence from outside technical teams and enabled business team members to turn their mobile engagement strategy into a customer – facing reality within a single day.

Principle 2: Create and Optimize Personalized Content

“Personalization at scale isn’t about reaching 1000+ user cohorts with semi-targeted push messages, but focusing and narrowing at the single customer level and creating conversations that build trust and provide real value. Kahuna was the only system we felt confident could meet us at that level of granularity.”

The ability to create a perfect message for each 1-800-Flowers customer would require vigorous A/B testing and intensive personalization. Using Kahuna’s A to E testing system, each campaign could contain up to 5 different versions of copy and a control group. This level of flexibility has helped foster innovation and adaptability on the team and enabled them to identify which personalization elements are most effective.

Principle 3: Deliver Messages That Drive Revenue and Smiles

“We wanted cutting edge technology that would be able to deliver messages based on the time when each customer is most likely to engage with our brand. We needed to know the tangible business impact of each message. With our previous provider, we would send a few broadcast messages each year with little to no insight on its effect.”

With Kahuna’s SendOptimallyTM technology, messages are delivered at the time of day each 1-800-Flowers customer prefers to engage with the mobile app, and the device they use the most at that time. This delivery personalization based on individual shopping preferences made February the most successful month to date, providing higher conversion while keeping in mind how every customer likes to browse and buy.

Principle 4: Superior Result Tracking

“We are now able to correctly measure and assess that customer conversion via push is way higher than email. Every time. We look forward to comparing results by each channel and are still experimenting and understanding the consumption capability of our customers.”

Embracing the mobile-first world means accepting paradigm shifts. By utilizing push as a channel for greater communication, they have seen significant growth that directly improves their bottom line.