How 10app Engineers Virality with Personalized Messaging

By: Kahuna | February 17, 2016 | Campaign Strategy, Customer Spotlight, Growth Marketing
Customer spotlight: 10app

People are creating more videos than ever thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, GoPro cameras and even drones. But it’s a major hassle to edit those videos into digestible bites for social networks. 10app aims to solve this problem by making it drop-dead simple to find the best parts of videos, add soundtracks, and share awesome videos to social platforms.

“We’re at the bleeding-edge of where mobile video is going,” said 10app co-founder Ian McCarthy. “We have a higher bar than other apps because engagement requires users making videos.”

In addition to the higher bar for engagement, 10app faced the common challenge of standing out in an increasingly-crowded app market. Ian said the company used personalized communication to solve both of these problems.

Engineering Virality With Personalized Communication

“The key KPI for us is the number of videos shared,” said Ian. “That’s the lifeblood of the company.”

10app didn’t want broad cohorts to send to because a highly-targeted approach was more likely to get users to share videos to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Leveraging  Kahuna’s  person-centric data based on in-app behaviors, 10app has been able to engage with its users in a more personalized way.  For example, it can execute a campaign to communicate only with  users who click on the “GoPro library” button but haven’t used the share button within the last two days. Hitting the GoPro button is a strong indicator that the user owns a GoPro, Ian said, so it is vital to get this type of user to share.

Campaign: 10app


The campaign example above was sent to this group of users and the results speak to the power of sending personalized messages at scale. Because Kahuna offers A-to-E message copy testing, 10app was able to craft multiple messages that would appeal to its GoPro-wielding audience.

Results for 10app campaign


The conversion rates for the best-performing messages were significantly higher than that of the control group and some of the crafted messages. If 10app had been doing traditional A/B testing, a large portion of this campaign would have been receiving the wrong message and might not have shared.

For an app that depends on user-generated content, every small increase in video shares is extremely important, Ian said. An ever-expanding network of videos will only boost adoption and usage levels. These videos tend to get more “likes” or retweets than normal posts, encouraging the visitor to revisit 10app often. The videos also have a 10app watermark, which builds brand awareness and creates more interest for 10app on social platforms.

“It’s not just about engaging people within 10app, it’s about the whole ecosystem,” said Ian.

How Engagement Improves App Store Ranking

App Store screenshot: 10app


Millions of people voraciously search the App Store for new and exciting apps but with more than 1.5 million apps, it’s growing increasingly harder to stand out from the crowd. Getting featured in the App Store can be a tremendous boon for brands because it provides high visibility that often leads to a spike in downloads.

Getting featured is really nice but it doesn’t ensure long-term success. Securing a spot in the Top Charts section of the App Store is a better path to long-term success because it provides a steady stream of downloads, as opposed to a one-time spike. A mobile engagement strategy is critical for building and maintaining enough momentum to get into the Top Charts, said Ian.

How an app gets featured is still a bit of an unknown—Apple remains tight-lipped on the exact requirements—but most agree that you need to have a great app … and a little bit of luck. Ian firmly believes that Apple also accounts for engagement rates after the app has been featured for future considerations.

“Apple wants to point people toward good, engaging apps,“ said Ian.

10app was featured in the App Store for “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” markets and the company wanted to make the most of the opportunity. In the campaign example below, 10app targeted new users (“Newbies”) who hadn’t used the share button. It crafted multiple push notification messages encouraging that first share.

Examples from 10app mobile marketing Mobile marketing examples from 10app Mobile Marketing results from 10app


Kahuna RevIQ automatically ensured the highest-performing messages went to the most users, as messages C and D went to a higher percentage of users than the other messages. Along with higher conversion rates, the highest-performing messages had uplift percentages of 163.16% and 170.83%.

Thanks to a series of campaigns like this one, 10app was able to grow engagement in the markets it was featured in. 10app was then featured in additional App Store markets and followed a similar engagement playbook. While there’s no proven formula for being featured in the App Store, 10app leveraged personalized communication to strike while the iron was hot to build sustained momentum in the App Store.

The positive results have been compounding: 10app is now consistently in the Top Charts for Photo & Video in App Stores around the world. Getting featured may require luck, but getting into the Top Charts requires a person-centric mobile engagement strategy, said Ian.

Using Kahuna to Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s tougher than ever to stand out from the crowd in the App Store, and it’s not going to get easier as we move deeper into a mobile-first world. 10app found success by leveraging personalized communication to drive growth through the social ecosystem. It also made the most of its opportunities by utilizing a targeted mobile engagement strategy after being featured in the App Store.

10app leverage personalized communication to increase engagement within the app, which created a virtuous cycle of downloads and engagement throughout the ecosystem.