How Healthy Is Your Marketplace? Really.

By: Sameer Patel | August 23, 2018 | Kahuna

Platform leakage, take rates, buyer:seller ratios, onboarding drop offs, gross merchandise value. A foreign language for many, but if you operate a marketplace and are trying to out-maneuver the competition in a cut throat landscape everyday, this is what you live by.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a classifieds portal, e-commerce marketplace, a consumer services platform such as DoorDash or Airbnb, or a transportation service company that offers ride sharing or scootering. These are the metrics that you live by.

Team Kahuna has been heads down building out the first comprehensive growth and retention marketing platform for consumer marketplaces.

Seven of the #1 regional marketplaces in the world, from San Paulo to Singapore already use Kahuna to drive buyer marketing, seller optimization and liquidity. And the results are real:

  • Restorando experienced a 53% increase in bookings across Latin America.
  • A whopping 127% increase in engagement for Curb, the #1 taxi app in the US.
  • A 23% increase in straight line revenue for TickPick, a leading ticketing marketplace known for their “no hidden fees” approach.

A new holistic way to drive your marketplace business

With a core set of marketplace buyer and supplier engagement capabilities focused on driving growth and retention in place, our marketplace customers asked us to turn our attention to helping them run their marketplaces more decisively. By the numbers. And that’s what we did. I’m excited to share a neat new product we have added to our arsenal of marketplace that is another market-first: Kahuna Marketplace Dashboard.

The very first of its kind of any consumer CRM product out there, co-developed with some of the most iconic marketplaces in the world, Kahuna Marketplace Health Dashboard provides a holistic view that both executives and line managers can use to understand where they should double down, and where they might need to buck up to drive growth and improve lifetime value across both buyers and sellers.

By pulling in behavioral, transactional and situational data, Kahuna Marketplace Health Dashboard is designed to let you manage your key growth, retention, and revenue metrics. It also enables the whole business to rally around the same numbers, and make smarter decisions. You get to thrust the whole organization into problem solving mode, vs endless amount of data collection and correlation.

Connecting insights to decisions and actions

True to our core design ethos, we won’t leave you hanging with insights, as er…insightful as they might be.
You can use Kahuna Marketplace Health Dashboard independently, or as part of a complete experience. If you opt for the latter, Kahuna can use insights from the health dashboard and leverage AI to suggest a very prescriptive approach to engage just the right set of users, with the right offer, marketed with the smartest subject lines, that are orchestrated and delivered at the right time, on the right device. You can deliver the message via Kahuna, or integrate it with your favorite email or marketing automation system, if you like.

CRM practitioners and executives running consumer marketplaces now have a finger on the pulse of their business, and growth managers have the tools to dial up retention and growth campaigns – all in one experience. Kahuna Marketplace Health Dashboard is customizable so that you can add your own thresholds for success or red flags. The product will start delivering value literally on day two.

Big ups to our amazing customers who helped us shape this product, and of course to our just as amazing team for continuing to lead the industry with ground-breaking marketplace marketing technology innovation.
More about the product, on the Kahuna product page. Go, team.


TickPick Kahuna Success


Whether classifieds, e-commerce, consumer services, or ride sharing and delivery is your thing, here are a few resources:

  • Tactical on the ground help: The Marketplace Blog for everyday how-to tips.
  • Strategic and long range help: In depth videos on how iconic marketplaces dominate, win, and expand to new markets.
  • Or just contact us and we’ll help find the right answers.

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Author: Sameer Patel

Sameer Patel joined Kahuna in August 2016 as CEO. Prior to Kahuna, Sameer was GM/SVP at SAP/SuccessFactors where he led the team responsible for making SAP a leading provider of customer and employee collaboration solutions, serving over 35 million subscribers. Prior to SAP, Sameer worked consulting and systems integrator business. He has keynoted over 50 industry and venture capital/private equity events and has been quoted in publications like The New York Times, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and HBR. Sameer received his Bachelor’s in Finance and Economics from Babson College and his Master’s in MIS from Boston University. He enjoys writing about leadership and high-performing enterprises on his blog, Pretzel Logic.

Fun fact:

Sameer has worked in seven countries, was a nationally-ranked squash player, and has swum 3 open water races. His current passion is subjecting his family to his (mis)adventures in the culinary arts.



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