How Takeaway Leverages Push Notifications to Anticipate Customer Needs

By: Kahuna | May 13, 2015 | Customer Spotlight
Takeaway Customer Spotlight

The on-demand economy has forever changed consumer expectations. No brand knows this better than Takeaway, Europe’s premier food delivery service. Takeaway understands that we now live in a near fantasy land where our wants and needs change quickly but can also materialize in a few magical moments. Your mobile device, always on and traveling with you, is the perfect companion for this brave new world.

In the on-demand world, Takeaway serves its customers’ moment-by-moment needs and constantly anticipates how to make its customers’ lives even more convenient. At various steps of the customer journey, Takeaway gives customers the opportunity to let the app do the thinking—to figure out how to get the food they want into their hands. Here’s how they carry out this strategy through real-time communication:

1. Increasing Customer Productivity

People have increasingly busy lives where distraction is the rule, not the exception. Who hasn’t started a task on a mobile phone and then forgotten about it the next minute when someone called or an email beckoned? We all multitask on a daily basis but lose enormous amounts of productivity when we switch between tasks.

When a user adds an item to a cart, it means they have taken the effort to narrow down the world of choices they have, making decisions between cuisines, dishes, and prices. If the user does not check out immediately after adding an item to his cart, he has likely either changed his mind or forgotten about the cart—along with the effort he took to make the choices in the first place. Using Kahuna’s RevIQ technology, Takeaway is able to determine the perfect time to ask users if they still want to complete their purchases—not so early that it will annoy them but just in time to serve as a reminder to those who still have an intent to buy. In one campaign, Takeaway sent out messages at three different time intervals after users started an order but never finished: 75, 90, and 105 minutes. Upon determining that the optimal time to send users the reminder was 105 minutes after users started an order on its app, the campaign automatically sent more messages to users at 105 minutes.

Takeaway RevIQ

This campaign is a win-win for both the consumer and Takeaway. Customer wants are highly mercurial, changing by the moment. By sending a reminder at the optimal time after a customer has started the purchase process, Takeaway is also able to capture user intent before it’s gone—or worse, shifted to a rival app.

2. Helping Customers Organize Their Lives

What if you could show your appreciation for your top users by making their lives even easier? Takeaway does just that with some of its most frequent users, by prompting them to favorite a restaurant shortly after ordering from it. Below are the details of a campaign that asks users who have checked out at least four times to favorite a restaurant.

Takeaway used three different message variants in an A/B test and saw a 151% uplift in achieving the goal of getting users to favorite a restaurant with the most optimal push copy (Message B).


The winning message (B) also received the least amount of opt-outs and uninstalls. All three variants achieved at least a 55% increase in goal achievement, demonstrating that customers were truly enthusiastic about Takeaway bringing attention to a feature that would help them order from their restaurants faster the next time they visited the app. And having just ordered, they were motivated to take the next logical action in the moment.

Takeaway push notification campaign results


Again, this is a win-win situation for the customer and the brand. When customers add their bookmarks to Takeaway’s app, they are creating a richer, more seamless and intuitive future experience that easily fulfills their daily appetites and nutritional needs. For Takeaway, it becomes a source of valuable information that can help them send more targeted and personalized communications. Making users’ lives easier can also provide longer lasting payoffs—users may respond to a delightful app experience with more loyalty and referrals.


In the on-demand world, every brand must adopt a customer-centric perspective. Even as companies guide users to complete key actions that will make them more valuable customers in the future, brands must think about how it benefits the customer first. How does each action shorten the distance between customer desire and attainment? How can companies make it easier, simpler, and more intuitive for customers to get what they want? What information do brands need to ask for in order to make the purchase process as seamless as possible? Takeaway pursued a sophisticated push notification strategy that predicted user needs and followed through with real-time communication that proved both useful and delightful.

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