How The Lucktastic Omnichannel Strategy Boosts Long-Term Engagement

By: Kahuna | April 5, 2016 | Marketplaces

Jump Ramp Games wanted users of its mega-popular Lucktastic app to continuously engage with the brand over time. While Lucktastic is mobile-only, the company knows its users have digital lives outside of its app, so it partnered with Kahuna for its omnichannel messaging needs. This resulted in an improved onboarding experience that led to increases in long-term engagement.  

How An Omnichannel Onboarding Strategy Boosts Long-Term Engagement

Lucktastic provides users with mobile scratch cards that offer the opportunity to win money or other prizes. As users play, they earn tokens that can be redeemed for rewards like Amazon gift cards or entries into contests. Lucktastic is completely free for consumers and it monetizes through advertising.

Naturally, it pours a lot of energy and dollars into acquiring new users, but the team is also concentrated on long-term retention and engagement.

“A lot of companies are focused on getting users in the door, but we’re trying to get users to continuously engage with the brand,” said Leah Fox, digital and mobile marketer, Lucktastic. “We’re focused on using every single channel to make that happen.”

When a user first opens the Lucktastic app, there’s a walk-through of how to play, how the tokens work and the benefits of registration. But Leah said data shows that this information doesn’t always sink in with every user, so Lucktastic uses a series of push notifications and emails to reinforce this onboarding messaging.

The following push notification campaign was sent out to new users and meant to entice the user to play a scratch card. Because Kahuna enables brands to track multiple goals, Lucktastic was also able to see how many people played a scratch card, as well as how many people downloaded a partner app as a result of this push notification campaign. These are both key revenue drivers.

The message is personalized to include the customer’s first name —if there’s none on file, there’s a reasonable default. Here are examples of how the first push notifications look in Kahuna and how it looks for the end user:

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.08.23 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.08.48 PM

Thanks to Kahuna’s personalization and timing optimization, this push notification paid off, as Lucktastic saw a 42% engagement rate with this message, 75% higher than the average engagement rate on push. This message also led to nearly 50% of those receiving it to play a scratch card, which is a key monetization event.

Lucktastic also wanted to use email as a welcome channel, but didn’t want to over-message its users. The following welcome email was sent when a new user hits the register button within the app, but hasn’t launched the app within 10 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.55.58 PM

Leah said this welcome email accomplishes a few things: it reinforces the value of Lucktastic, incentivizes the person to play for the chance to win $5,000, and reminds them of the value of playing every day. The timing of the email is important to pay attention to because Leah said it doesn’t make sense to automatically fire off that welcome email the second the customer registers because they’re already in the app. Instead, providing a delay offers a way to get the customer back into Lucktastic.

That timing paid off, as this email had a 31% open rate with a whopping email engagement rate of 65% (defined as interacting with the app after receiving the message during a set period of time). These numbers are significantly higher than email industry benchmarks.  

Lucktastic would then run the rest of the onboarding series through push notifications and email. Because Kahuna is built for marketers, it was easy for Lucktastic’s marketing team to send each message without having to involve engineering involved.

Some of the other onboarding messages look like the following:

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.13.01 PM

Leah said one issue Lucktastic faces is people not winning in their first few tries and then getting discouraged. These messages reinforce the value of tokens—which can be redeemed for gift cards—and really guide the user into playing Lucktastic every single day for more chances to win.
“With Kahuna, we’re able to refine our marketing efforts and really see the interplay between push and email on our users,” Leah said. “When we were doing these separately, we didn’t have a great sense on the impact of our communications as a whole.”