How to Assemble a Digital Marketplace Technology Stack That Stands the Test of Time

By: Charles Costa | October 31, 2018 | Marketplaces

Digital marketplaces, portals, and classifieds platforms. Whatever you call your business, they are all similar. The common thread between these types of businesses is that they have unlimited growth potential as the marketplace platform operators are not required to carry inventory or manage service providers.

It’s a simple concept, but underneath the sleek user interfaces of many leading platforms lie a variety of moving parts that make it possible for buyers and sellers to transact. The primary 4 technical components of these platforms are:

  • Shopping cart solutions
  • Payment systems
  • Engagement platforms
  • Recommendation engines

In our experience of working with marketplaces across the globe, we’ve found that one of the biggest mistakes a platform operator can make is choosing components based on present needs and price alone.

One of the most important pieces of advice we provide to our digital marketplace customers is that they need to be diligent about choosing technologies that can scale and evolve with them as their platform grows. This ensures it doesn’t become a problem for your marketplace down the road.

Check out our new eBook and learn how to choose the right components for a comprehensive and reliable technology stack.

“Understanding Your Marketplace Technology Stack,” is an eBook designed for marketplace operators to help simplify the software purchasing and evaluation process. By having an understanding of the core technology components of marketplaces, you can achieve success in the present and future.

Download the eBook today and learn how to:

  • Assess technologies across the 4 areas you need for your marketplace
  • Spot common red flags within recommendation engines that aren’t apparent on on the surface
  • Implement personalized marketing campaigns without touching a line of code
  • Optimize communication with your buyers and sellers in order to maximize engagement


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Kahuna Understanding Digital Marketplace Technology Stack

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Author: Charles Costa

Charles Costa is a content marketing manager who specializes in helping companies grow, one word at a time. Prior to Kahuna, Charles worked with brands such as Airbnb, Iron Mountain, and IBM on their content marketing efforts.

Charles' work has been featured in the Huffington Post, and he also was a contributor to the developer publication, Sitepoint.

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