Infographic: 10 Critical Steps to Improve Your Mobile Commerce Strategy

By: Colin Cieloha | February 16, 2017 | Infographic, Mobile Marketing

If you sell products and services online, you’re already aware of the importance of perfecting the mobile experience for your consumers. With smartphones becoming more powerful and easier to use, consumers are ditching desktops and turning to mobile devices more and more for shopping. And, they’re expecting your mobile app and their experience with your brand to be efficient, sleek, and memorable. If it’s not, they’ll turn elsewhere. Ask yourself this: Does my business have an efficient mobile commerce strategy to satisfy these expectations and win over potential customers?

Check out the infographic below, offering 10 tips for improving your mobile commerce strategy, drawing from a recent smartphone user behavior survey.

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Author: Colin Cieloha

Colin Cieloha is an author and content marketer at He writes about everything that will draw his attention with a focus on the mobile and e-commerce space. When he is not writing, he is spending his time traveling the globe and snowboarding.

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