Infographic: 14 Jaw-Dropping Mobile Marketing Stats

By: Kahuna | October 27, 2015 | Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing stats to blow your mind

Mobile has changed the world. Whether it’s healthcare, shopping, news, media, advertising or gaming, the smartphone is becoming a critical factor in nearly every facet of life. This infographic will really frame just how big the opportunity is for smart brands that embrace mobile in the right way.

The opportunity is definitely massive and only getting bigger. There will be 5.2 billion mobile users by 2019, up from 4.3 billion 2014. What’s more, people are really fond of these devices, as 44% of Americans saying they couldn’t make it a day without their mobile device.

It’s no surprise because mobile is seeping into every aspect of our lives. At least 45% of all email clicks are now on mobile and 20% of all money paid to Starbucks in the United States came through mobile.

The mobile experience is increasingly coming through apps and it’s becoming clear that people love apps. At least 850 apps are downloaded every second from the Apple App Store and there’s been a 345% year-over-year increase in app installs. The average American adult in the coveted 18-24 demographic now spends 91 hours a month in apps. Expect that number to grow, as Millennial teens already spend 6.3 hours a day in apps and there’s been a 59% growth of “mobile addicts” — those who open their apps 60 times a day or more.

Apps are changing consumer behavior and it’s vital for brands to evolve accordingly. It’s not just as simple as creating an app because most apps receive half of their lifetime usage within the first six months. It’s critical for brands to have strategies that create engaged users from the get go.

Personalized communication at scale is an ideal way for brands of all sizes to create engaged users, fight churn and boost monetization. For example, the Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index found that personalized communication leads to a 2X higher retention rate over 90 days. Brands must understand, engage and delight customers through in-app messages, push notifications, email and social in order to remain relevant in this mobile-first world.

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14 Jaw-Dropping Mobile Marketing Stats

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