Install Kahuna with the Flip of a Switch

By: Kahuna | January 13, 2015 | Kahuna

Today, we’re taking the next step in making it as easy as possible to get going with Kahuna. We’re the latest service to join the Segment platform, so you can install Kahuna with the flip of a switch. It’s criminally simple.

Segment is a customer data hub. That means they collect the interaction data from your site, mobile app, smartwatch app, whatever, then transform and send it along to the awesome services you use (like Kahuna) automatically.

You just install the Segment SDK once, send them necessary customer data events like “Signed Up” and “Completed Order,” then flip a switch to integrate new tools.

If you are using Segment today and would like to integrate Kahuna, install the most recent version of the Segment SDK, toggle us on in the Segment control panel, and hit “save.” Kahuna will receive user information automatically. Contact us to get access to your Kahuna account today.

Looking for a better way to communicate with to your mobile users? You’ve come to the right place. Get started with Kahuna + Segment today.