Introducing Dynamic Deep Linking: Amplify The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

By: Kahuna | February 11, 2015 | Product Features
Introducing Dynamic Deep Linking: Amplify The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Moving customers through the conversion funnel and keeping them engaged are top challenges for mobile-focused brands. Mobile messaging is a great way to drive users back into your app, but what happens next? How do you ensure that users not only click through but also take that key conversion action once they are back in your app?

Dynamic Deep Linking is a new Kahuna capability that amplifies the effectiveness of push notifications by reducing the friction from click-through to conversion. Use dynamic deep linking to deliver a personalized app experience with every message you send and get more customers through your conversion funnel.

What It Is

Dynamic Deep Linking is a Kahuna campaign capability that personalizes the user’s app experience after receiving and clicking on a push notification. After clicking through, each user is taken to a unique place in the app, depending on past browsing or purchasing behavior. This feature is available for all customers with apps configured for deep linking. For apps not yet configured, deep linking companies like URX can get you up and running.

What’s the Impact

In early results, Kahuna customers using Dynamic Deep Linking have seen a 66% increase in campaign goal achievement and user conversions.

How It Works

Dynamic Deep Linking is made possible by Kahuna’s person-centric data layer. Kahuna tracks and captures information about each user—including attributes like “last item viewed” or “last category purchased.” These attributes are dynamic, meaning they are updated in near real-time based on a user’s behavior. As a user browses new items, the “last item viewed” attribute is updated to reflect the last item that each user has browsed. Kahuna also captures the specific page in the app (deep link) that is associated with that attribute.

Here’s an example of how Dynamic Deep Linking works for a music or entertainment app.

As you can see in the user profiles, the last category of music John listened to is Rock. The last category of music Jane listened to is Jazz. Each user profile also includes the specific page in the app that is associated with each music genre, and dynamically updates the page based on the genre of music the user has most recently played.

User Profile: John User Profile: Jane

With Dynamic Deep Linking, the marketer at this music app can create a single push campaign that, when clicked, sends John to the Rock playlist section and Jane to the Jazz playlist section in the app. Here’s how:

1.  Select your campaign audience

First, select the specific group of users to whom you would like to send the campaign. For example, “dormant users who have been dormant for one day and who have listened to a playlist more than ten times.”

Use filters to refine your segmentation criteria

Use filters to refine your segmentation criteria

2.  Compose the message copy and personalize the message

Once you have selected the group of users who will receive the campaign, craft the message copy and add in the dynamic personalization fields. In the example above, the campaign is intended to drive dormant users back to the app and encourage them to listen to more playlists. Personalizing the message based on the user’s most recent genre selection is a great way to leverage user affinity to drive conversions.

Use the push composer to craft and personalize the message

Use the push composer to craft and personalize the message

3.  Add the dynamic deep link

When sending a push notification campaign, you have the option to add a deep link or dynamic deep link to the campaign. This tells Kahuna to send users who click-through the push notification to a specific place in the app. In this example, simply drag and drop the “last genre listened_deep link” into the deep linking section of the campaign creator.

Send users to a custom place in the app using Dynamic Deep Linking

Use Dynamic Deep Linking to direct the user to a customized place in the app

The result:

Using Dynamic Deep Linking, John will receive the campaign and be sent to the Rock playlist page in the app. Jane will receive the message and be sent to the Jazz playlist page in the app. By directing these users to their preferred genre of music, John and Jane receive uniquely relevant content upon opening the app and are much more likely to re-engage by listening to another playlist.

Dynamic Deep Linking Result

Get in touch to amplify your push notification campaigns with Kahuna Dynamic Deep Linking.

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