Introducing Experiences

By: Kahuna | June 23, 2016 | Kahuna, Press, Product Features

Today, we are thrilled to take the covers off Experiences, one of the biggest expansions to Kahuna’s products.

With Experiences, marketers create simple paths leading consumers to important marketing goals. Experiences nurture your customers along those paths with targeted messages delivered across the most important channels.

Until now, marketers faced daunting challenges crafting cross-channel customer journeys. There’s plenty of guesswork determining the best customer group to target, the path they follow, the message that would help them most, when to deliver these messages, on which device and so on.

Alternative solutions often include exhaustive hand holding, high setup costs and/or require the marketer to create complex workflows involving a dizzying myriad of campaigns, which leads to a sense of overwhelming complexity.

Kahuna Experiences eliminate this complexity and guesswork for the marketer. They create tailored customer groups based on behavioral, demographic and lifecycle data. From there, they deliver messages to the customer groups across multiple channels (email, push notifications and in-app notifications).  Kahuna figures out the best time and channel to deliver these messages using RevIQ, our artificial intelligence algorithms that optimizes the timing, channel and more, using historical data about the marketers’ customer.

Setting Up Experiences

Here’s an example of an Experience you can set up with Kahuna:

Imagine a travel brand onboarding recently acquired users. You start with a goal, which is to get the new user to perform a core action that leads to a conversion. Call this action “Searched for a flight.” A complete path for onboarding could look like this:

Recent downloaders → Getting these downloaders to sign up → Getting them to search for a flight

The customer groups (aka cohorts) laid out for these paths would look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.01.39 PM


In addition, you can set up a series of messages to nudge recent downloaders to sign up and for those who sign up, to also search for a flight. In order to motivate the user  to search for a flight, let’s drill down to the messages a user who just signed up might receive. Since they just signed up for an account having downloaded the app, it makes sense to capture their attention right away and send a welcome in-app notification highlighting the key capabilities of the travel product.

What Happens Next?

If they act on the message and go on to search for a flight, that’s great! They get no more messages and have hit the goal you, the  marketer, had previously set.

If they don’t act on the initial in-app notification message, you might want to send another message (such as “Still there?”), which is delivered through any channel that drives users from a passive to active mode. In this case, say we craft the “Still there?” message to deliver either by a push notification or by email. Now, you may wonder which of the variants of the message is more effective. With Kahuna, the highest performing message is  automatically delivered to the user—at the right time.

If users still don’t respond to that message, Kahuna might prompt them with one final push notification before they fall into the stalled category. The message flow for the Just Signed Up group looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.16.34 PM

There are many cases just like this we enable with Experiences. Kahuna has opened up Experiences in Beta to a select group of customers giving us valuable feedback along the way. If you’d like to try it out or want to learn more, get in touch—we’ll be thrilled to help.