Kahuna Is Challenging The Marketing Technology Status Quo

By: Adam Marchick | August 19, 2015 | Press, Product Features

Kahuna Communication Automation
Kahuna is redefining marketing automation for the mobile era. It’s not about spam, it’s about communication automation, delivering personalized messages at scale.

This is an audacious goal that requires the best team in the world, the resources to expand, and a technology platform to handle the challenge. With today’s announcements that we’ve raised a $45 million Series B and added world-class email capabilities to the Kahuna platform, we’re ready to make that goal a reality.

One of my mentors, Scott Weiss, told me that once a company achieves product-market fit, the CEO’s job is to build a world-class executive team. That’s exactly what we’ve done with our latest hires, who join our fantastic, existing leadership team.

Every single one of our leaders could be a CEO right now, but they have chosen to band together to build something special at Kahuna. It makes my job much easier, because I have a team that’s unbelievably talented, and they all care deeply about Kahuna and our customers.

With product-market fit and the right team, it’s time to get the resources to scale. When we started to raise the Series B, we weren’t just looking for money. We wanted to find the best partner to help Kahuna achieve its vision.

We’re thrilled to have Tenaya Capital lead this round because they are committed to helping innovative technology businesses build long-lasting companies. Tenaya has an excellent track record with landmark companies like Hubspot, Hortonworks and Palo Alto Networks, just to name a few. By adding email capability, we’re competing against great companies like Oracle and Salesforce in a huge market. This investment is strong validation in Kahuna’s superior technology, leadership team, and ability to execute in order to capture that market.

We’re also excited to have some of the best growth experts in the world invest, including Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta, Pinterest’s Tim Kendall, and Uber’s Matt Wyndowe. Felicis Ventures, Four Rivers Group and Lumia Capital have joined us this round to help transform marketing. Costanoa Venture Capital, Promus Ventures, Sequoia Capital and SoftTech VC were early investors, and their continued support is a testament to their belief in Kahuna.

Today, we’re also announcing true multichannel capabilities that will change marketing forever. Brands will be able to craft their templates for push notifications, emails, in-app messages, and social ads, and then ask Kahuna to engage their customers in the optimal way. The days of siloed messaging are over – it is time to engage your customer in the best way, regardless of message medium. By not having to manually tweak campaigns, brands will be able to stop marketing and start communicating optimally.

This is only possible thanks to Kahuna’s groundbreaking IP in big data and machine learning. We’re ingesting trillions of bits of data to better understand consumers in a person-centric way. This is truly a game changer. We have the only platform that can scale to billions of users while still keeping robust individual profiles for every one of them.

Fundraising isn’t the goal; building a long-lasting company that redefines communication in the mobile era is what Kahuna is after. We approach this challenge with humility and reverence. We know that there’s still a ton of work to do and that today’s announcements mean this is just crossing the starting line.

Take the journey with the world’s most innovative companies and help us transform marketing to personalized communication at scale with communication automation.

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Author: Adam Marchick

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