Kahuna Marketplaces: The Marketplace Health Dashboard

By: Eduardo Fenili | August 20, 2018 | Kahuna

“What are the core causes of churn on our platform?” “Are we achieving peak levels of liquidity?” “How can we make our marketplace platform more efficient?”

Those are a few of the questions marketplace platform operators ask in their daily routines. All valid questions, but for the most part, the answers are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain without performing extensive calculations or sifting through troves of data.

At Kahuna we understand that there’s no shortage of marketplace metrics to monitor, which is why we’ve created the Kahuna Marketplace Health dashboard. It’s a central hub that enables marketplace platform operators such as yourself to dial into the metrics that matter most and see how they compare to industry standards. These benchmarks are based on data gathered from numerous Kahuna customers and relevant market research.

Below is an example of the standard Marketplace Health dashboard in action:



Rather than simply providing high-level insights into performance, the Marketplace Health dashboard also provides actionable advice to help you improve operations. The example below shows Kahuna suggesting ways the marketplace operator can reduce leakage.

Kahuna Marketplace Health Insights


As every marketplace is different, the Marketplace Health dashboard is fully-customizable. If you’re looking for a rapid way to get up and running, Kahuna also comes with pre-packaged with pre-set thresholds and metrics that apply to most marketplaces.

While on the topic of speed, Kahuna can be configured to deliver insights with as little as one day of marketplace data.

We didn’t build the Marketplace Health dashboard to satisfy user curiosity. The dashboard was created to help marketplace platform operators drive effective strategies and tactics that are based on facts, rather than speculation.

If you’re an existing Kahuna customer, you should be able to access the Marketplace Health Dashboard right away. Not yet a customer? Feel free to request a demo, and we’ll get you on your way.

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Author: Eduardo Fenili

Eduardo Fenili is the Product Lead at Kahuna, a data-centric engagement platform that helps companies maximize value by harnessing data signals. A computer science turned psychology major he focuses on discovering the best ways to take incredibly sophisticated systems and making them intuitive and powerful to any user.

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