The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index

By: Kahuna | June 30, 2015 | Mobile Marketing
kahuna mobile marketing index

Update: For the latest mobile marketing benchmarks, please check out the Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index: Q3 2015. In it, you’ll find data from over 400 million user profiles about key metrics for app retention, the impact of push notification, and how mobile is changing email consumption.  

We are fully entrenched in the Mobile Era. Multiple studies show users are spending an increased amount of time on their mobile devices. The growth isn’t stopping anytime soon, as research shows there will be 3.5 billion global smartphone users by 2019.

Marketing for the Mobile Era has proven to be difficult. The static, predictable customer journey is no longer relevant. The new customer journey is complex and fragmented, often involving multiple devices and apps. Our new Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index sheds light on how to effectively communicate with people in the Mobile Era.

Click here to download the Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index.

This report is based on anonymized data gathered from more than 39 million users, who have collectively received billions of push notifications. It takes a comprehensive look at the state of iOS and Android push notification opt-in rates, as well as the retention rates of customers that have and have not received push messages. The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index includes aggregate data, as well as benchmarks broken down by app category.

Some of the key takeaways in the Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index include:

  • The average opt-in rate for push messages across Android and iOS is 62%.
  • The average opt-in rate for push notification on Android is higher than on iOS. Google’s platform averages an opt-in rate of 78%, whereas iOS sees about a 46% opt-in rate.
  • Opt-in rates vary significantly by vertical. Travel & Transportation (78%) was found to have the highest opt-in rate, while Medical, Health & Fitness (35%) was the lowest.
  • The average retention rate for users who opted in to push notifications are more than twice as high than rates for users who have not opted in.
  • Nearly 90% of app users fade if brands fail to engage.

The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index provides deep insights into how relevant, contextual, and timely marketing communications can impact opt-in rates and retention. This is the first in a series of of industry benchmarks that Kahuna will deliver in order to spotlight key metrics that drive positive financial results in the Mobile Era.