The Patriots’ Apple Watch push notifications for today’s NFL Draft and beyond

By: Kahuna | April 30, 2015 | Press, Push Notifications
Patriots Apple Watch app

Patriots fans get real-time draft updates to their Apple Watch, powered by Kahuna.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the new Patriot’s Apple Watch app. The Patriots Apple Watch app went live the first day the Apple Watch store opened, just in time to deliver real-time updates for today’s NFL Draft right to your watch.  The Patriots are a Kahuna customer for mobile marketing automation, including Push Notifications and Apple Watch Notifications.

With Kahuna’s Apple Watch support, the New England Patriots app will give fans real-time draft alerts of which player gets picked when, and by who – without having to pull your phone out of your pocket. It is the perfect use case for the Apple Watch – staying abreast of live events just by looking at your wrist.

More than ever before, sports fans can integrate their appetite for news and information seamlessly into their lives. All without taking out their phones, sports fans can get updates on news and exclusives about their team and their favorite players, and alerts on breaking news.

Below are screenshots from The New England Patriots App on Apple Watch.

Patriot's app

The Apple Watch has been called “the most personal device ever.” That intimacy means responsibility, particularly when it comes to mobile marketing. Getting a push notification on an Apple Watch is an extremely personal affair, in part because the ease of access is unprecedented—a flick of the wrist. Furthermore, the chances that users will see each push is high because the newer platform means less competition for attention. Since each message is more likely to be remembered, it’s important to send thoughtful and intelligent messages that deliver relevant content that takes into account the context of the delivery channel.

In addition, the Apple Watch is yet another touchpoint that brands must take into consideration as they are understanding users on a holistic level, rather than as users on one device. Knowing how users are engaging with their smartwatches, as well as their phones, tablets, and desktops will help brands send effective messages, cross-device and cross-channel, that are never redundant.

By launching its app for Apple Watch, innovators like the Patriots are changing the way sports fans are engaging with their favorite teams and helping teams nurture their most enthusiastic fans in novel ways. At Kahuna, we’re excited to partner with leading brands that are pioneering a new channel of communication! Stay tuned for more exciting Apple Watch developments on the Kahuna platform to come.

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