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By: Eduardo Fenili | May 16, 2018 | Smart Messaging

Having your marketing and sales emails go unopened is not just a disappointment, it’s bad for business. You spend a significant amount of time on the copy and visuals in your campaign emails, laboring over the message along with grammar and focus.

Answer this question honestly… how much time do you spend on your email subject lines? People will say they research subject lines, but they instead go with conventional wisdom. In some cases, it’s worse. People follow the advice from some random blog post. Do you think that’s really effective?

Kahuna Subject Line is a new product that relies on a powerful machine learning system to take the guesswork out of subject lines. We train the system on industry and company datasets, resulting in a real time system that evaluates the probability your emails will be opened.

An email that isn’t opened certainly won’t get read. The research is stacking up and it’s conclusive, consumers spend seconds determining whether they will delete your email. This means that you have less than a second to establish an impression that gets your email opened.

Nearly half of your target audience is going to open or delete your emails solely on the basis of the subject line. For a marketing professional like yourself, it should be a terrifying thought that half of your contact database could never see the content of your email because you winged it on the subject line.

Kahuna Subject Line scores words as you type; and evaluates specific words and the order in which they are structured. We have an extensive database of words and phrases that score positive and negative within the overall subject line.

Kahuna’s machine learning engine becomes smarter as you send more messages over time, so you can deliver the most intelligent word choices to achieve the highest engagement among your unique consumer base.

In testing for two leading marketplaces we have been predicting campaign results with 70-80% accuracy.

Kahuna Subject Line comes in both a standalone and built-in version.

Below is an example of the standalone KSL version:

Kahuna Subject Line Standalone

Below is an example of KSL in action within Kahuna (note the meter to the right of the subject line text):


e-mail subject line optimizer
To see how Kahuna Subject Line can help your marketplace platform or e-commerce property, check out our Kahuna Subject Line page! If you would like to talk with a solution specialist to learn more about how the product works, or try Kahuna Subject Line with your own data, we look forward to speaking with you.

If you’re looking to get more from your email marketing efforts, then check out our post on how to create email subject lines that don’t suck.

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Author: Eduardo Fenili

Eduardo Fenili is the Product Lead at Kahuna, a data-centric engagement platform that helps companies maximize value by harnessing data signals. A computer science turned psychology major he focuses on discovering the best ways to take incredibly sophisticated systems and making them intuitive and powerful to any user.

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