3 Mobile Marketing Campaigns To Increase Your Holiday Conversion

By: Kahuna | August 4, 2014 | Campaign Strategy, Customer Spotlight, Growth Marketing
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Labor Day on September 1st is just around the corner, and this holiday is a great time to ramp up your marketing efforts. 61% of American employers will close operations, allowing for people to enjoy their day off with their families and friends, shopping or enjoying leisurely activities.  Combining personalized mobile marketing with your omnichannel marketing campaigns can significantly accelerate revenue and engagement goals; it’s time to start thinking of the best ways to capitalize on this holiday with mobile.


Labor Day Shopping Facts

Labor Day is one of the most important shopping day of the year. Many Americans are given the day off and are free to shop in-store or online, and retailers capitalize on this opportunity to provide consumers with enticing discounts. Labor Day is one of the largest discount holidays of the year, second only to Black Friday, with the average discount rate of 44%. It is a great opportunity for retailers to empty their summer inventory at a discount while providing consumers with a sneak peek of their fall inventory. Fun fact: Labor Day marks the end of summer and the start of football season – get ready to gear up and capitalize on America’s favorite sport! In addition, Labor Day gets people moving; last year, AAA reported that 34.1 million Americans journeyed 50+ miles from home on Labor Day – the highest since the recession. People are on the go, and on their mobile devices.


How to Win

Holidays are a great time to plan for one time or Conversion Campaigns on mobile, especially in verticals such as eCommerce, Retail, Travel, and Daily Deals. It is a fantastic opportunity to engage with your consumers, wishing them well and offering them holiday-specific discounts. People are already looking for discounts and ready to shop; use push notifications to get their attention and remind them about the awesome sale you’ve got going on. These campaigns not only increase mobile revenue, but also drive serious foot traffic.


The Importance of Holiday Marketing

Kahuna customers have seen remarkable results with targeted Holiday Marketing campaigns. A leading hotel booking company ran a campaign for the 4th of July to get unregistered app users to sign up for their service, and saw a 22% uplift in hotel bookings. They also ran a Mother’s Day campaign to the same demographic, and saw a 41.2% uplift in hotel bookings. 1-800-Flowers ran a Valentine’s Day campaign and saw a 43.6% goal uplift in purchases. In addition, a leading retail marketplace company saw ~1000 purchases from 2 Black Friday push campaigns alone. Mobile users are very receptive to targeted, time sensitive push notifications, especially during holidays.


Labor Day Marketing Strategies

What should your strategy be for making the most of Labor Day mobile marketing campaigns? Try a combination of one-time campaigns and special conversion campaigns. Be sure to update the copy of your messages to reflect the specific sales you have and the celebratory nature of the holiday. In addition, personalize messages to the individual user to increase response rate; something as simple as adding in a person’s first name can dramatically increase engagement rates for push notifications. Here are some example campaigns for eCommerce, Travel and Retail to get you thinking about Labor Day mobile marketing campaigns.

  • eCommerce – Offer a holiday-themed mobile promo code and be clear about when the sale ends; time-sensitive push notifications get incredibly high engagement rates. For example, try short-term campaigns such as “Happy Labor Day, [First name]! Enjoy 40% off on mobile with promo code LABORDAY14. Sale ends on Monday at midnight.” Use conversion campaigns to get people to complete purchases that they have started: “With 20% off site-wide for Labor Day, now’s the perfect time to buy [last item added to cart].”
  • Travel – To get people to book with your service for their labor day adventures, start campaigns the week before the holiday. Offer special Labor Day discounts or recommend relevant destinations. For example, “Looking for ways to celebrate Labor Day? Check out our special discounted travel deals to [last location viewed] and enjoy your day off,” coupled with a deep link to a location specific Labor Day-themed page within the app. Also try a Fear of Missing Out campaign to encourage them to get up and travel during the holiday: “Try something new on your day off – check out our special Labor Day deals today!”
  • Retail – In addition to mobile conversion campaigns such as those for eCommerce, retail apps should use push notifications to drive foot traffic as well. By highlighting in-store details, you can get added to a shopper’s list of destinations when they go out hunting for deals on Labor Day. For example: “Enjoy 40% off all inventory in stores on Labor Day – treat yourself, you deserve it!”


Now is the perfect time to start strategizing about how mobile will play into your company’s Labor Day marketing efforts. Be sure to use mobile to add to the omnichannel user experience during this extremely important shopping holiday. Through the use of time-sensitive promotions and holiday themed messaging, your business can win on Labor Day with mobile marketing.

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