Marketing Strategy Guide: Push and Email in the Mobile Era

By: Kahuna | April 16, 2015 | Push Notifications

The mobile era has made it easier than ever for brands to reach consumers—and its influence spreads beyond mobile itself. Because consumers today are hyper-connected, they expect more intuitive communications from all channels, not just mobile.

What does this mean for two of the most important communication levers that marketers can pull—push and email? Understanding how push and email can work together and complement each other is essential to delighting customers. In our latest Marketing Strategy Guide: Push and Email in the Mobile Era, we give you an overview of how to think about these two complex and nuanced channels, and we lay the foundation for a modern marketing strategy that plays to the strength of both. You’ll learn the following and much more:

Creating a centralized view of the customer: The modern customer engages with brands across a variety of touchpoints. Businesses need a unified view of their behavior, not just through the fragmented lens of web or mobile. A sophisticated marketing strategy needs to take into account the actions of customers across platforms and devices, including how they are engaging with brands at different touchpoints, what messages they are receiving through various channels of communication, and how they are responding to these messages.

Knowing which channel to use: The goals of your messaging should determine the channel you use. Are you sending a message that is urgent or time sensitive? Are you optimizing for engagement? Is there a specific action that you hope users will take? This section will help you define what types of messages are best suited for email and/or push.

Testing and iterating: Because mobile is intimate and fast-moving and reaches consumers so easily, it’s important to be sensitive in all your communications and aware of their effects. Understanding the characteristics of email and push—especially their essential difference as long and short forms of communication—can help you test and iterate for content, copy, personalization, and other variables. Doing so allows you to determine how to send a message, when to send it, and when not to send any.

Finding cadence: In an era where people build relationships with brands quickly but can choose to disengage in a flash, it’s important to get the flow of messages right. You must watch the volume of messages you send, the rate at which you send them, and the reactions to your messages and adjust accordingly.

Interest piqued?

Push and email can no longer be separate marketing strategies in the mobile era. A sophisticated strategy plays on their respective strengths and weaknesses while also taking a centralized look at all the messages your brand is sending. Download our new Marketing Strategy Guide: Push and Email in the Mobile Era to learn how you can leverage push and email in this new marketing environment.

Marketing Strategy Guide: Push and Email in the Mobile EraMarketing Strategy Guide: Push and Email

Learn how to create a cohesive mobile app strategy around two important marketing channels: push notifications and email. Download the guide today!