Marketing Guide: Mobile Innovators—Marketing for the Mobile Era

By: Kahuna | January 21, 2016 | Kahuna, Mobile Marketing
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The Kahuna Mobile Innovators Series spotlights a variety of forward-thinking marketers who are on the bleeding edge of mobile engagement. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites in an easy-to-share document and we believe the insights will be useful for brands of all sizes.

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This compilation includes interviews from the top marketing minds at Capital One, LinkedIn, Spring and Wego. These mobile innovators discussed a variety of topics including the challenges, and opportunities, of reaching customers in a mobile-first world.

Jake Fuentes, CEO of Level Money, discussed the impact mobile is having on personal finances. In particular, he focused on how to effectively reach Millennials through mobile engagement practices.

Udi Milo, then of LinkedIn, provided a peek behind the curtain about how the world’s largest professional network messages users. Udi said all of the messages they’re sending are “trying to create empathy” with the audience and he also spoke to the difficulties of doing smart channel selection. After reading his thoughts, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn is throttling down its messaging in favor of fewer, more impactful messages.

Maud Pasturaud, VP of Growth at Spring, dove into how mobile marketing can provide a major impact for retailers. She also provided a useful list of tools that will help any mobile marketer, as well as resources to better understand the ecosystem.

Finally, Mark Reilly, VP of user engagement at Wego, opened up about how he’s building a strategy to deliver a delightful omnichannel experience that really moves the needle for monetization. He also offered some advice for those looking to break into the industry: “Don’t be afraid to fail. We’re doing things people haven’t done before, so you’re bound to hit mistakes. Fail fast, live and breath data, and learn from your mistakes.”

Download Mobile Innovators: Marketing for the Mobile Era

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