New Data: Best Performing Push Notification Campaigns Over Black Friday

By: Kahuna | December 8, 2014 | Campaign Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Push Notifications

Mobile sales were higher than ever this Black Friday weekend, further proof that mobile commerce is the real deal. But with more and more brands offering mobile shopping experiences, the competition is fierce. Here’s a comprehensive look at the state of mobile messaging engagement rates over Black Friday, as well as a roadmap for getting back on track if your app is trailing behind this holiday season.

Here is the data:

Push Notifications Over Black Friday

This data shows the average engagement rate of push notifications sent during Black Friday weekend as compared to the rest of the year. You can see that the average push notification engagement rate on Black Friday (14%) was nearly two times lower than the average push notification engagement rate throughout the rest of the year (21%). The best performing Black Friday push notifications, however, performed at a record-breaking high (over 80% engagement rate). This can translate to four times the engagement, revenue, and retention, whereas low-performing apps are missing out.

The Black Friday push notifications that were successful found a way to cut through the noise. Not only were more push notifications sent on Black Friday than any other day of the year, over 90% of the push notifications sent included a promotion code or discount (a proposition that is a significant driver of mobile sales). With the significant uptick in volume and value, apps that won out relied on other ways to differentiate their messages.

Apps That Won Out

Here are some tips based on the push notifications that performed well this Black Friday.

1.  Start earlier in the week.

Black Friday has turned into an entire week of sales and offers. Notifications sent earlier in the week performed 5x better than those sent at the end of the week.

Daily Look Push Notification Daily Look Push Notification

For example, e-commerce app DAILYLOOK sent a series of push notifications over Black Friday week. The push notification sent on 11/21 (the Tuesday before Black Friday) performed 5x better than the notification sent on Cyber Monday of the following week.

2.  Get specific, and make it personal.

With all the talk of discounts, promotion codes and savings, the push notifications that performed best took the typical discount offer to a new level. They talked about the specific deal that mobile shoppers really wanted.

Travelzoo Push Notification

For example, this push notification from Travelzoo saw an 80% engagement rate, nearly 6x the average Black Friday weekend engagement rate. Further, the users who received this push notification were actually less likely to uninstall the Travelzoo app than users who did not receive the push notification. When discounts are everywhere and savings are a given, you’ve got to talk about a specific item that customers really want.

Another successful example was Hotel Tonight’s $7 Black Friday promotion campaign.

Hotel Tonight Push Notification

To catch the attention of their Android users, Hotel Tonight personalized each message to reference the specific location of each user. This personalized approach ensured the relevancy of the message and drove engagement rates significantly higher than the average push notification that weekend.

3.  Give shoppers what’s really missing on Black Friday

The best performing push notifications chose to highlight alternative value propositions over Black Friday. Take a look at this A/B test from e-commerce app Spring.

Spring Push Notification Spring Push Notification

One push notification highlighted the typical value proposition featured on Cyber Monday – discounts, discounts, discounts. The other push notification focused on an alternative value proposition: the lack of lines on Black Friday, the day most infamous for long lines and angry shoppers. The result: the push notification referencing the lack of lines performed over 35% better than the notification referencing the discounts available.

The right holiday push notification strategy is a critical component of mobile commerce. Think outside the box to engage your mobile shoppers and see your mobile sales soar.

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