New Data: How Push Notifications Affect User Purchasing

By: Kahuna | December 16, 2014 | Campaign Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Push Notifications

Digital cart abandonment is high, especially on mobile. Historically, this has been the result of poor mobile shopping experiences. Now, with “one-click to purchase” and increasingly elegant mobile apps, how often are shoppers really checking out on mobile? And what can be done to improve this? Here’s why people are 42% more likely to purchase after receiving a push notification, and how to use push notifications to increase mobile sales and revenue.

Here is the data:

Effectiveness of Push Notifications

The graph above shows the average conversion rate among users who have added an item to their mobile shopping cart but have not completed their purchase within four hours. When users did not receive a push notification, only 9.7% of them returned to complete their purchases. When a cart abandonment push notification was sent, purchase rates increased by 42%.

The key to mobile commerce is optimizing the path from passion to purchase. A successful mobile cart fulfillment strategy uses push notifications to influence the customer by inspiring passion and enabling purchase. Here’s what a great cart fulfillment strategy looks like and how to make it work for your mobile business.

Don’t bother the already-persuaded shopper:

A successful cart fulfillment push notification strategy involves timely follow up but also avoids pestering those shoppers who do not need the reminder. This is critical, as shoppers who are bothered by unnecessary push notifications will uninstall your app, write negative app reviews, and opt-out of receiving future push notifications.

Avoid messaging customers who do not need a reminder by knowing how long to wait before triggering a cart fulfillment push notification. Not sure how long to wait? Learn more about the right time to send a push notification.

Follow up effectively with customers who are undecided:

Now consider the 91% of mobile shoppers who have abandoned their purchase and will not otherwise check out. How do you craft a cart fulfillment strategy that will optimize their passion-to-purchase experience? Here are a few tips.

1.  Personalization Drives Passion

Successful cart fulfillment campaigns leverage deep personalization to inspire mobile purchases.

Push notification from

As you can see, this cart fulfillment push notification from references the specific item waiting for the user receiving the notification. Reminding the user of the item that inspired their interest in the first place is the best way to motivate them to complete their purchase. This approach is an extremely effective way to motivate the hesitant or price-comparing customer to take the plunge.

2.  Timing Drives Purchasing

Identify the right time to send a push, and you can see conversion uplift increase by 60%. Not sure how long to wait before following up with a notification? There are three key factors you should consider. Or, if you’re using Kahuna, we use machine learning to figure this out for you.

The right cart fulfillment strategy is a critical component of mobile commerce. Leverage well-timed, personalized push notification campaigns to engage your mobile shoppers and see your mobile sales soar.

Want to know about how to optimize the purchase funnel and increase cart fulfillment?

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